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I N D E X.

About Crabs, (Illustrated) 191
Acoustic Properties of the Atmosphere 252
Action of Mucilage on Glass 624
Action of Sunlight on Glass 67
Actual Cautery, Use of the 762
Address, Tyndall's, before the British Association 652
Alligators swallowing their Young 506
American Scientific Association 741
Anderson School at Penikese 253
Animals, Are they Automatons? 724
"and Fire-Arms 507
"Extinct in the Historic Period 331
Antagonism between Growth and Reproduction 606
Aquarium, The. (Illustrated) 687
Architects, Microscopic. (Illustrated) 646
Atmosphere, The, as an Anvil 220
Australian Compliment to American Microscopes 382
Axial Buds in Juglans Nigra 124

Baby-Fox, A. (Illustrated) 443
Bees, Habits of 759
Birds-of-Paradise. (Illustrated) 557
"Soaring and Sailing of 253
Black Hills, Flora of 760
Books noticed:
"Principles of Mental Physiology" (Carpenter) 115
"The Principles of Science" (Jevons) 116
"Politics and Mysteries of Life-insurance" (Wright) 118
"Contributions to Solar Physics" (Lockyer) 120
"The Martyrdom of Man" (Reade) 121
"The Structure of Animal Life" (Agassiz) 122
"Present Status of Social Science" (Hamilton) 122
"A Treatise on the Method of Government Surveying" (Clevenger) 123
"The Borderland of Science" (Proctor) 123
"The Galvanometer and its Uses" (Haskins) 123
"The Land of the White Elephant" (Vincent) 244
"What is Darwinism?" (Hodge) 246
"The Expanse of Heaven" (Proctor) 248
"The Philosophy of Herbert Spencer" (Bowne) 248
"Annual Record of Science and Industry" (Baird) 249
"The Kindergarten Messenger" (Peabody) 249
"Fuel" (Siemens and Wormald) 250
"Popular Key to the Birds, Reptiles, etc.," (Jordan and Van Vleck) 251
"First Lessons in the Principles of Cooking" (Barker) 250
"Tabular Statements of the Agriculture of the United States" (Ruggles) 371
"Higher Schools and Universities in Germany" (Arnold) 373
"Krüsi's Drawing" 374
"The Doctrine of Evolution" (Winchell) 375
"Field Ornithology" (Coues) 376
"Proceedings of the Georgia Teachers' Association" 376
"The Great Ice Age" (Geikie) 377
"My Visit to the Sun" (Benson) 378
"The Principles of Science" (Jevons) 378
"Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections; the Constants of Nature" (Clarke) 499
"Physiology for Practical Use" (Hinton) 499
"The American Annual Cyclopædia" 500
"Smithsonian Report for 1872" 501
"The Construction of Mill-Dams" 502
"Theory of the Glaciers of Savoy" (Rendu) 502
"Bulletin of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences" 502
"Anatomy of the Invertebrata" (Siebold) 502
"Free-hand Drawing" 503
"Logic, Inductive and Deductive" (Bain) 631
"Ancient Faiths embodied in Ancient Names" (Inman) 632
"Health and Education" (Kingsley) 632
"Catalogue of South Missouri Normal School" 636
"Bulletin of the Cornell University" 758
"Assaying by the Spectroscope" 758
"Transmission of Consumption" (Hamlin) 758
"Contributions to the Geology, etc., of the Lower Amazonas" (Hartt) 758
"The Devonian Brachiopoda of Ereré" (Rathbun) 758
"Mammals of Kansas, Colorado," etc. (Allen) 758
"Reception of Dr. Gould" 758
"Geographical Variation in North American Birds" (Allen) 758
"Transformation of the House-Fly" (Packard) 758
"Bench and Bar Review" 758
"The Science of Law" (Amos) 749
"The Relations of Christian Educators to the Modern Phases of Science" (Martin) 750
"The Philosophy of Spiritualism" (Marvin) 751
"Manual of Geology" (Dana) 751
"The Ship of Fools" (Barclay) 752
"The Psychological and Medico-Legal Journal" 752
"United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries" (Baird) 752
"Essays and Addresses by Professors, etc., in Owens College" 753
"Report of the Geological Survey of Iowa" (White) 754
"Theory and Practice of Life Assurance" (Van Amringe) 755
"Statistical Atlas of the United States" (Walker) 756
"Building, Construction Timber, and Brick" (Burn) 756
"Inorganic Chemistry" (Kemshead) 756
"Alcohol" (Dudley) 757
"Epidemic Delusions" (Marvin) 757
"Character and Position of Neutral Axes" (Nickerson) 757
"Papers, chiefly Anatomical" (Wilder) 757
"Mechanical Properties of Construction Materials" (Thurston) 757
Brain Development in the Mammalia 638
Brain Functions of 505

Cautery, Actual, Use of the 762
Centennial Celebration 237
Centennial of Chemistry 240
Centennial of Discovery of Oxygen 493
Chain, The, of Species 460
Chain, The, of Species 568
Chemistry, Synthetic 39
Chloroform and Ether 507
Climate and Social Development 322
Coggia's Comet 637
Color in Animals 470
Colorado Potato-Beetle 761
Conditions affecting the Sex of Offspring 124
Crabs. (Illustrated.) 191
Cremation and its Alternatives 225
Crooked Courses of Light. (Illustrated) 32
Cyclones, Belt's Theory of 504

Darwin, Estimate of 475
Death-Point, Thermal, of Living Matter 695
Deposits in Steam-Boilers 124
Design, Doctrine of, and Evolution 98
Determination of Oxygen in Water 126
Development of Psychology 288
Development of Psychology 412
Dicotyledonous Plants, Species of 254
Distances of the Stars 423
Dogs, do they perspire? 764
Dust of the Universe 626

Education, New Experiments in 744
"of Women 764
"Scientific and Industrial, in the United States 170
"Sex in 198
"War and 370
Electric Light for Steamships 720
Eozoon Canadense 127
Estimate of Darwin 475
Evolution and the Doctrine of Design 98
"Mental, and Necessary Truths 357

Female Suffrage 427
Ferments, Fermentations, and Life 543
Field Telegraph. (Illustrated) 303
Fish, English, in Indian Waters 126
Food and the Development of Man 591
Foreign Lesson and Domestic Application 108
Fossil Edentates 384
Fossil Man of Mentone. (Illustrated) 641

Genesis, The, of Woman 269
Gigantic Relic 94
Glass, Action of Sunlight on 67
"Action of Mucilage on 624
Grape-Vine Pest. (Illustrated) 158
Grasshopper Plague in the West 760
Great Lava-Flood of the West 381
Growth and Reproduction 606

Habits of Bees 759
Hair-Snakes 509
Have Plants a Pedigree? (Illustrated) 129
Helmholtz, Prof., Sketch of. (Portrait) 231
Hints on the Stereoscope. (Illustrated) 311
Humming-Birds. (Illustrated) 277
Hydraulics, The, of Great Rivers 327
Ice, The Physics of. (Illustrated) 399
Improvement of Human Life 383
Insanity, Law and 77
Insurance Value 235

Jasmine Flowering Early 127
Joule, Dr. J. P., Sketch of. (Portrait) 103

Lake Superior Gold-Mines 380
Lava-Flood, The Great, of the West 381
Law and Insanity 77
"Science of 596
Le Conte, Dr. J. L., Sketch of. (Portrait) 622
Life, Human, Improvement of 383
Life in an Attenuated Atmosphere 379
Light, The Crooked Courses of. (Illustrated) 32
Limits of our Knowledge of Nature 17
Lizard, an Edible 763

Malayan Civilization, an Ancient Relic of 123
Man, Natural History of. (Illustrated) 513
Materials of the Science of Law 596
Measures of Mental Capacity. (Illustrated) 72
Mental Disease, Responsibility in 240
Mental Evolution and Necessary Truths 357
"Physiology 705
Mentone, Fossil Man of. (Illustrated) 641
Microscopic Architects. (Illustrated) 645
Moquis Indians of Arizona. (Illustrated) 351
More about the Grape-Vine Pest. (Illustrated) 158
Mound Prairies 506
Movement of Storms 639

Natural History of Man. (Illustrated) 513
Nature, Limits of our Knowledge of 17
Nature's Distribution of Trees 126
Nebula of Orion, Telescopic Research on. (Illustrated) 257
Need of a New Chronology 379
Newcomb, Professor 125
New Process for the Preservation of Wood 228
Nicaragua, A Naturalist's Observations in 89
Nitrogen of the Soil 765
Nobility of Knowledge 610
Nostalgia 215
Notes 127
Notes 255
Notes 384
Notes 511
Notes 640
Notes 766

Ocean, Temperature of the 507
Orion, Telescopic Research on Nebula of. (Illustrated) 257
Oxygen Centennial 628
"Discovery of, by Priestley 385
"in Water, Determination of 126

Pacific, Topography of the Bed of 508
Paints, Why they crack and peel 381
Peabody Museum of Natural History 638
Pelican, An Aged 254
Penikese, Anderson School at 253
Pharmacopoeia, An International 760
Photography, Recent Researches in 717
Photosphere, The, and Sun-Spots. Illustrated) 532
Phylloxera. (Illustrated) 1
Physics of Ice. (Illustrated) 399
Physiology, Mental 705
Plants, have they a Pedigree? (Illustrated) 129
"how they imbibe Ammonia 511
Pneumatic Dispatch 255
Polaris Voyage, Results of the 382
Porpoise, Anatomy of the 763
Potato-Disease 125
Potato-Beetle, The Colorado 761
Priestley, Sketch of. (Portrait) 480
"his Character 497
"Celebration 504
"his Discovery of Oxygen Gas 385
Principles, The, of Sociology 369
Prof. Tyndall's Address 746
Psychology, The Development of 288
Psychology, The Development of 412
Punishing a Senior Wrangler 144

Raft, A New 510
Recent Progress in the Higher Education 630
"Researches in Photography 717
Relic, A Gigantic 94
Relics of an Ancient Malayan Civilization 123
Religion and Science 313
Rendu and his Editors 447
Reproduction of Ancient Colors 764
"of Organs in Fish 511
Researches on the Zodiacal Light 380
Responsibility in Mental Disease 240
Results of the Polaris Voyage 382
Rivers, Great, Hydraulics of 327

Science Minister for England 251
Science, Religion and 313
Scientific Association, The American 741
"and Industrial Education in the United States 170
Sex in Mind and Education 198
"of Offspring, Conditions affecting the 124
Shepherd-Dog, A Clever 127
Shepherd-Dogs 510
Skunk-Madness 510
Soaring and Sailing of Birds 253
Social Development, Climate and 322
"Science Association 367
South-Sea Surgery 509
Sparrows, English 763
Species, The Chain of 460
Species, The Chain of 568
New, by Sudden Variations 764
Sponge-Fisheries 505
Stars, Distances of the 423
Steam-Boilers, Deposits in 124
Stereoscope, Hints on the. (Illustrated) 311
Stoves of Cast and Wrought Iron 509
Sun-Spots, The Photosphere and. (Illustrated) 532
Synthetic Chemistry 39

Tea-Production in Bengal 765
Telescopic Research on the Nebula of Orion. (Illustrated) 257
Temperature of the Ocean 507
Theology, The Progress of 114
Thermal Death-Point of Living Matter 695
Trees, Action of Frost on Position of 508
"Nature's Distribution of 126
Tyndall's Address at Belfast 652
""(Editorial) 746
"Relation to Popular Science 734

Unionidæ of North America 762
Universities, Actual and Ideal 46

Volcanic Eruption in the Sandwich Islands 379

War and Education 370
Who are the Propagators of Atheism? 365
Woman, The Genesis of 269
Wood, A New Process for preserving 228
"Conversion of, into Lignite 763

Young, Dr. Thomas, Sketch of. (Portrait) 360

Zodiacal Light, Researches on the 380
Zuni Indians of New Mexico. (Illustrated) 580