Popular Science Monthly/Volume 64

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584045Popular Science Monthly — Volume 641903

Table of Contents
November 1903
The Renaissance of Science 5
Life in Other Worlds 26
The New West Point 32
A Laboratory for the Study of Marine Zoology in the Tropical Atlantic 41
The Parent-Stream Theory of the Return of Salmon 48
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy VI 53
The Bright Side of Russian Immigration 66
The Influence of Brain-Power on History 71
Shorter Articles and Discussion 87
The Progress of Science 91
December 1903
Recent Theories in Regard to the Determination of Sex 97
The Academy of Science of St Louis 117
The Tetrahedral Kites of Dr Alexander Graham Bell 131
Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy VII 152
The Salmon and Salmon Streams of Alaska 165
The Storm Center in the Balkans 173
The Growth of Rural Population 177
Rear-Admiral G W Melville USN and Applied Science in Construction of the New Fleet 183
Shorter Articles and Discussion 187
The Progress of Science 189
January 1904
A Case of Automatic Drawing 195
The College Course 202
The Functions of Museums: A Re-Survey 206
The Eruption of Pelee, July 9 1902 219
Immigration and the Public Health 232
The Successful Women of America 239
Southern Agriculture: Its Condition and Needs 245
Voice, Song and Speech 262
What Knowledge Is of Most Worth? 274
The Progress of Science 282
February 1904
Scientific Investigation and Progress 291
Comrades in Zeal 304
The Predecessors of Copernicus 316
The Conservation of Energy in Those of Advancing Years I 343
The Geographical Distribution of Meteorites 351
Washington University 355
What Is Group Theory? 369
The Progress of Science 375
March 1904
Aerial Navigation 385
The Metric System: Shall it Be Compulsory? 394
The Conservation of Energy in Those of Advancing Years II 406
The Royal Prussian Academy of Science: Berlin I 415
The Tropical Station at Cinchona, Jamaica 427
Education and Industry 431
Evolution Not the Origin of Species 445
Some Historical Aspects of Vegetarianism 457
Tokyo Teikoku Daigaku - Imperial University of Tokyo 466
The Progress of Science 474
April 1904
Recent Discoveries in Radiation and their Significance 481
Evolution of the Human Form 500
The Arequipa Station of the Harvard Observatory 510
The Royal Prussian Academy of Science and the Fine Arts, Berlin II 523
The Influence of Liebig on the Development of Chemical Industries 533
The Conservation of Energy in Those of Advancing Years III 541
The Caucasian in Brazil 550
The Air of the Luray Caverns 557
The Progress of Science 565
Index 573