Popular Science Monthly/Volume 70

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584056Popular Science Monthly — Volume 701907

Table of Contents
January 1907
The Possibilities of Salton Sea 5
The Sanitation of Air 19
The Jews: A Study of Race and Environment IV 33
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service III 48
Fossil Insects and the Development of the Class Insecta 55
Nature Names in America 63
Comparative Psychology 76
The Value of Science: Tactile Space V 79
The Progress of Science 91
February 1907
Glacial Erosion in Alaska 99
The Relation of School Organization to Instruction 120
In Search of Truth 134
Is Man an Automaton? 149
A Vocabulary Test 157
Magical Medical Practise in South Carolina 165
The Value of Science: Analysis and Physics VI 175
The Progress of Science 183
March 1907
A Defence of Pragmatism: Its Mediating Office I 193
The Century Plant, and Some Other Plants of the Dry Country 207
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service IV 229
Denatured Alcohol 243
Spelling Reform and the Conservation of Energy 265
Fritz Schaudnn 274
The Value of Science: Astronomy VII 279
The Progress of Science 285
April 1907
Pioneers of Science in America 291
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service V 317
The General Economic Importance of Mosquitoes 325
How Shall the Destructive Tendencies of Modern Life Be Met and Overcome? 330
The Value of Science: The Past and the Future of Physics VIII 338
A Defence of Pragmatism: What Pragmatism Means II 351
Civology - A Suggestion 365
The Reclamation of the North Platte Valley 372
Shorter Articles 378
The Progress of Science 379
May 1907
The Jamaica Earthquake 385
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service VI 404
Sight and Seeing in Ancient Times 413
The Classification of the Arts 429
The Value of Science: The Future of Mathematical Physics IX 437
Is the Mind in the Body? 452
Drug Abuses, their Effects on the People 459
Illusions of Vision and the Canals of Mars 464
The Progress of Science 475
June 1907
The Problem of Age, Growth and Death I 481
The Progress of our Knowledge of the Flora of North America 497
Notes on the Development of Telephone Service VII 518
The Value of Science: Nominalism and the Universal Invariant X 524
The Acquisition of Language and its Relation to Thought 530
Hygienic Requirements in the Printing of Books and Papers 542
The Waste of Children 549
A Blazing Beach 557
The Progress of Science 565
Index 573