Popular Science Monthly/Volume 79

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584075Popular Science Monthly — Volume 791911

Table of Contents
July 1911
Pasteur: A Study in Greatness 5
Concealing Coloration 20
Expansion of the Usefulness of Natural History Museums 36
The History and Varieties of Human Speech 45
University Standards and Student Activities 68
The Psychology of Mental Deficiency 82
Jacobus Henricus Van't Hoff 95
The Progress of Science 98
August 1911
The Significance of Tropisms for Psychology 105
Feeling in the Interpretation of Nature 126
The Typhoid Fly on the Minnesota Iron Range 137
What Makes a College? 151
The University in Politics 160
The Classification of the Sciences 165
Francis Galton 171
The Origin of Luminous Meteor Trains 191
The Progress of Science 205
September 1911
The Bureau of Standards 209
On the History of Internal Medicine 220
Science and Social Progress 236
Attempts to Explain Gravitation 252
The Purpose and Some Principles of Systematic Zoology 261
The Narrowing Circle of the Animal Kingdom 272
Food Preparation and its Relation to the Development of Efficient Personality in the Home 277
The Constitutional Conservatism of Women 299
Floating Islands 303
The Progress of Science 309
October 1911
Genetics 313
Civilization and Vegetation 328
English as an International Language 337
Perfect Flowers in Maize 346
The Sounds of ch and j 350
The Relative Importance of Mental Pain 355
Language Study and Language Psychology 369
Agriculture in the High School 385
The Laws of Environmental Influence 396
The Race Fiber of the Chinese 403
The Progress of Science 409
November 1911
The Bering River Coal Field, Alaska 417
Insect Parasitism and its Peculiarities 431
Mathematics and Engineering in Nature 450
American Mathematics 459
Buffon and the Problem of Species I 464
A World-Wide Color Line 474
The Crossing of the Races 486
The Conservation of the Food Supply 496
The Moral Influence of a University Pension System 502
The Progress of Science 514
December 1911
Science Among the Chinese I 521
Why Do Certain Living Forms Produce Light? 532
The Water Relations of Desert Plants 540
Buffon and the Problem of Species II 554
Protozoan Germ Plasm 568
Adamas: Or the Symmetries of Isometric Crystals 581
The Lack of Printing in Antiquity 584
Is Vegetarianism Capable of World-Wide Application? 587
A Bugbear of Economics 594
The Germans at School 602
The Progress of Science 615
Index 621