Popular Science Monthly/Volume 87

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584115Popular Science Monthly — Volume 871915

Table of Contents
July 1915
The Dawn of Modern Chemistry 5
The Floral Features of California 22
A History of Fiji II 31
Trade Unionism versus Welfare Work for Women 50
Eurasian Waterways in Turkey 56
Some Pioneers in Mosquito Sanitation and Other Mosquito Work I 65
The Moral Development of the Chinese 78
Water Conservation, Fisheries and Food Supply 90
The Progress of Science 100
August 1915
The Constitution of Matter and the Evolution of the Elements 105
War Selection in Western Europe 143
The Psychology of War 155
Some Pioneers in Mosquito Sanitation and Other Mosquito Work II 169
Some Economic Factors Influencing the Forestry Situation 181
The Waste of Life 187
War and the Progress of Society 195
The Functions of Primitive Ritualistic Ceremonies 200
The Progress of Science 205
September 1915
The Evolution of the Stars and the Formation of the Earth 209
Ant-Hill Fossils 236
Four Points in the Indictment of the Smoke Nuisance 244
A Civic Investment 250
Science and Democracy 254
Biological Effects of Race Movements 267
Natural Science in the Middle Ages 271
A History of Fiji III 292
The Progress of Science 307
Index 309