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Acacia myrtifolia
This page links to documents related to the plant species Acacia myrtifolia.

Mimosa myrtifolia (now Acacia myrtifolia), as figured in A specimen of the botany of New Holland (1793), in which the species was first published.

  • Willdenow, Carl Ludwig (1806), Species Plantarum (4th edition) 4(2)
    • Mimosa myrtifolia transferred into Acacia as Acacia myrtifolia on page 1054.

  • Link, Johann Heinrich Friedrich (1829), Handbuch zur Erkennung der nutzbarsten und am häufigsten vorkommenden Gewachse 2
    • Acacia myrtifolia transferred into Phyllodoce as Phyllodoce myrtifolia on page 133.