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Adenanthos cuneatus

This page links to documents related to the plant species Adenanthos cuneatus, which has also been known as Adenanthos cuneata.

  • Labillardière, Jacques (1805), Novae Hollandiae plantarum specimen 1. (French)
    • Adenanthos cuneata published on page 28 and figured in plate 36.

  • Brown, Robert (1810) Prodromus florae Novae Hollandiae et Insulae Van Diemen. (Latin)
    • Adenanthos cuneata described on page 367.

  • Willdenow, Carl Ludwig (1825) in Sprengel, Kurt, Systema Vegetabilium (16th edition) 1 (Latin)
    • Adenanthos cuneata and Adenanthos crenata described on page 472. The type specimen given for A. crenata is that of A. cuneata, so the former is now considered a synonym of the latter.

  • Meissner, Carl (1845), "Adenanthos" in Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian and Preiss, Ludwig, Plantae Preissianae sive Enumeratio plantarum quas in Australasia occidentali et meridionali-occidentali annis 1838-1841 1. (Latin)
    • Adenanthos cuneata described in volume 1, page 511, and on volume 2, page 247.

  • Meissner, Carl (1856) "Adenanthos" in de Candolle, A. P. (ed) Prodromus systematis naturalis regni vegetabilis 14. (Latin)
    • Adenanthos cuneata described on page 312;

  • Nelson, Ernest Charles (1978). "A taxonomic revision of the genus Adenanthos Proteaceae". Brunonia 1: 303–406.
    • Adenanthos cuneata described on pages 387–389 (not in the public domain)