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Copyright law
Copyright law of India
Copyright law of India comprises of various acts of the parliament, rules framed by the government under those acts and various statutory and other orders.

Copyright act[edit]

British India[edit]

  1. Indian Copyright Act 1847 (transcription project) (based on British Copyright Act 1842 (external scan))
  2. Indian Copyright Act 1914 (transcription project) (based on British Copyright Act 1911 (transcription project))

Republic of India[edit]

1. Indian Copyright Act 1957 (transcription project)
2. Indian Copyright (1st Amendment) Act 1983 (transcription project)
3. Indian Copyright (2nd Amendment) Act 1984 (transcription project)
4. Indian Copyright (3rd Amendment) Act 1992
5. Indian Copyright (4th Amendment) Act 1994 (transcription project)
6. Indian Copyright (5th Amendment) Act 1999
7. Indian Copyright (6th Amendment) Act 2012 (transcription project)

Wikisource updated version[edit]

Copyright rules[edit]

  1. Indian Copyright Rules 1958 (transcription project) (Also contains date of enforcement of the Copyright Act 1957 and the International Copyright Order 1958)
  2. Indian Copyright Rules 2013 (transcription project)

Statutory order[edit]

  1. International Copyright Order 1958
  2. International Copyright Order 1991 (transcription project)
  3. International Copyright Order 1999 (transcription project)
  4. International Copyright Order 2000 1
  5. General Statutory Rule 267 (Amendment of Indian Copyright Rules 1958)
  6. Statutory Order 2269 (Amendment of International Copyright Order of India, 1958)
  7. Notification of effective date for Copyright (Amendment) Act 1999 (transcription project)

Other intellectual property laws[edit]