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English Statutes
This portal is for English Statutes (and Acts of Parliament).

Early Charters and Statutes[edit]

(This list is not definitive - and is compiled in part from a list at English Wikipedia)

12 century[edit]

13th Century[edit]

  • Magna Carta 1215
  • Magna Carta 1216
  • Magna Carta 1217
  • Charter of the Forest 1217
  • Provisions of Oxford (1258)
  • Provisions of Westminster (1259)
  • Treaty of Paris (1259)
  • Mise of Amiens (1264)
  • Mise of Lewes (1264)
  • Peace of Canterbury (1265)
  • Dictum of Kenilworth

Statutes (and Acts) of the Parliament of England, Parliament of Great Britain and Parliament of the United Kingdom[edit]