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Investiture of the Gods
Flight From Morning Song
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Flight From Morning Song". As King Zhou asked Jiang Ziya his thoughts on the project, the latter stated that it will take around thirty-five years to produce considering the current labor with the people and the additional lack within the national treasury. Unfortunately however, Jiang Ziya foolishly went too far with his words by additionally stating the king's deluded qualities—and was thus ordered for an immediate execution without even considering his former reasoning. Running for his life less he were caught by King Zhou's guards, Jiang Ziya soon approached the Nine Dragon Bridge and jumped into the river beneath after confirming to everyone around him that it will be his act of suicide. Gazing into the water and not noticing his body—or any movement at that—the guards were rather confused but reported the case to the king nonetheless. Little did anyone truly understand that Jiang Ziya mounted an underwater cloud and flew away in reality. Being fully resolved to search the waters afterwards less Ziya was playing any form of trickery, the guards gazed continuously at the waters beneath the Nine Dragon Bridge before having their reasoning checked by Yang Ren. As Daji suggested afterwards to King Zhou that Chong Houhu is the best choice for the Happy Terrace's production, the latter ordered the secratariet to head immediately to Houhu's dukedom. Being stopped by Yang Ren along the way, Yang Ren was shortly informed of the Happy Terrace and thus headed immediately to the Star Picking Mansion to discuss the current circumstances with King Zhou. As Yang Ren placed forth his suggestions in a manner that upset the king as usual, the latter ordered for Yang Ren's eyes to be gouged out as punishment. Once the former sat in agony and disgust as such a cruel action was performed for little reason, Superiorman Virtue of the Pure Void on Mount Green Peak heard his cries of pain and ordered his genie to take action with quick pace. As such an action was effectively carried out with a grand wind-sandstorm, the unconscious Yang Ren was shortly placed before the feet of Pure Void. Placing two clestial elixers into Yang's eye sockets, and blowing celestial breath into the his face, Pure Void immediately awoke the former. Now in possession of two small hands that protruded from his sockets with one eye in each palm, Yang Ren vowed to serve eternally under his new master upon the hearing of the latter's kindness. Meanwhile, Chong Houhu had begun the construction of the Happy Terrace that not only forced thousands into exceedingly deep labor but additionally killed many out of exhaustion and turmoil. Returning to his original residence shortly, Jiang Ziya approached Madame Ma and explained his desire to head quickly to the Western Foothills and attain the position of prime minister -- as is his destiny; for if she were to stay by his side, she would enjoy endless honor and great fame -- but Madame Ma unfortunately declined such an offer due to her lack of confidence in the former, and thinking of him as no more than an unrealistic failure who simply had luck in the past.

After a note of devorce was officially created so that both could part their ways justifiably, Jiang Ziya was invited by Song Yiren to have one final farewell drink in the name of their eternal friendship. Parting from his old friend with tears flowing from his eyes, Jiang Ziya rode onwards throughout the countryside before coming upon several hundred refugees stationed within Lintong Pass. Unfortunately however, all refugees present intended on voyaging through the five passes but were firmly held off by the garrison commander known as Zhang Feng. With due confidence and reassurment to the people, Jiang Ziya personally went forth to discuss the current circumstances with the commander. Unfortunately however, Zhang Feng strongly declined Jiang Ziya's offer to allow the people passage due to his firmness in upholding the law and will decreed by the king. Jiang Ziya thus had little choice but to inform the people of the commander's words while telling them set instructions: 'At dusk, you are to have your eyes firmly closed. A fierce sound of wind will rush about -- but at no account should you open your eyes unless you wish to fall to your death.' Kowtowing to Mountain Kunlun while reciting many incantations, every refugee was lifted throughout the air by a fierce wind and soon placed before the Golden Chicken Range--which was beyond the the capital's five passes. After expressing their deep gratitude towards Jiang Ziya, each individual stationed themselves thereon within Phoenix City to live out their days in well-deserved peace. As Bo Yi Kao sat discussing current affairs with San Yisheng, the former declared his clear resolve to head to Morning Song immediately in order to prove the faith and love he possesses towards his father by freeing him from his chains as previously ordained. Even with San Yisheng's suggestions not to, such words meant nothing compared to the pain that Bo Yi Kao felt within his heart -- and he thus made preparations for his departure.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • Production of the Deer Gallery; Jiang's justified declination
  • Parting of the waters - Jiang Baby Tooth flees from Morning Song
  • Yang Ren eye gouging; appearance before Superiorman Insouciant
  • Employment of Tiger Duke; Building of the Deer Gallery
  • Arrival at Soong Ranch; Jiang heads to Western Foothills
  • Garrison commander's cruelty to the people; Jiang's continuous plead
  • Civilian arrival at Phoenix City
  • Bo Yi Kao sets out to Morning Song