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Investiture of the Gods
Dream of a Flying Bear
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Dream of a Flying Bear". As Prince Wen's notices were posted up for the Spiritual Terrace's potential construction, it clearly stated that if any are to go out of their way to assist in the construction, they are to be payed one-tenth of a teal of silver as gratitude while being allowed to discontinue without any form of compulsion whatsoever. Being overjoyed at such a chance to show their love to Prince Wen, every individual was clearly willing to work wholeheartedly on such a project without any regret. Issueing forth the project's start on an auspicious day after hearing such joyous news, the Spiritual Terrace was effectively created under ten months of time. Leading his civil and military officials out to gaze forth at the terrace, Prince Wen was the only individual present that exclaimed a level of deppression -- for the terrace was in need of a pool in order to meet the requirements of the yin-yang theory. As such words were passed on to the people, everyone present began its immediate construction in due happiness. Digging profusely in their attempts, human bones were found and placed off to the side due to being a blatant interference towards their work. However, Prince Wen soon attained word of such and ordered for the bones to be placed into small coffins and buried within a neighboring hill instead of being exposed -- as would be a sign of disrespect. After watching the continued work of his fellow people until night, Prince Wen enjoyed a meal with his ministers before retiring to rest within one of the terrace's rooms. Experiencing a strange dream involving a white-faced tiger with large wings, Prince Wen reported this dream to San Yisheng the following morning and was told that a highly talented minister is destined to be a part of the Western Foothills in the near future. Believing the former's words as truth, Prince Wen became determined to make immediate preparations in the finding of this minister. Now returning to Jiang Ziya, he had spent his time near Panxi Stream constantly fishing throughout day to night while studying the way and reciting scriptures. While leaning on his willow tree one day, Jiang Ziya heard a certain man singing a song to himself and soon realized that it was none other than a woodcutter.

As Wu Ji, the woodcutter, sat down by Jiang Ziya's side and realized that he fished with a mere pole without a needle--or any bait at that--he thoroughly mocked the former by stating that he wasn't very smart when it comes to such simple matters. After furthered discussion, Wu Ji was told by Jiang Ziya that he would kill a man that day within Phoenix City unexpectedly; the former became angry at such sudden words and left with a fury. Heading through the south gate of Phoenix City, Wu Ji swung his carrying pole of firewood from one shoulder to the other which suddenly struck Wang Xiang, a city guard, in the temple, ending his life instantly. Being pushed before Prince Wen immediately, Wu Ji elaborated the case as being nothing more than an accident that possessed rather vague reasoning and more bad luck than anything else. Declaring that the woodcutter will pay for his life nonetheless, Wu Ji was imprisoned inside a small circle near the southern gate to await his set punishment. Tear stricken over what may be befalling his ailed mother back at their home due to his lack of support for over three days, Wu Ji was soon approached by San Yisheng and thoroughly elaborated the situation. Realizing that Wu Ji did not kill Wang Xiang out of any vile intentions whatsoever, he decided that it would be best to discuss the current issue at hand with Prince Wen and effectively suspend his punishment until autumn if at all possible. After reporting such a case with the prince the following day, the latter consented to Wu Ji's proposal for temporary freedom. Wu Ji thus immediately returned to his mother's side and told her the reason for his lengthened disappearance. Additionally elaborating the words of Jiang Ziya as the reason for such an atrocity, Wu Ji set forth to Pianxi Stream to meet the former.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • Creation of the Inspirational Belvedere
  • Ji Chang's distress – need for a pond
  • Dream of the flying tiger
  • Good fortunes revealed
  • Jiang Baby Tooth – conversation with firewood cutter Wu Ji
  • Wu Ji's accidental murder; the set execution
  • Wu Ji freed until autumn – the need to support mother
  • Future second meeting with Baby Tooth