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Investiture of the Gods
Daji Enters the Palace
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Daji Enters the Palace". As Chong Houhu thus regrouped his remaining forces, he'd grieve at their many past losses and what was yet to unfold. After General Huang Yuanji stated to the commander that it would currently be best to ask Ji Chang for reinforcements, Chong Houhu resolutely refused less the latter would be punished by the king for not already offering his promised assistance. Once word came out that a large military force was heading in their direction at an immense pace, Chong Houhu realized that it was none other than his younger brother, the renowned Black Tiger Chong Heihu, Marquis of Caozhou. With a total of twenty-three thousand soldiers, Chong Heihu declared assistance to his elder brother and thus left to Jizhou. As Su Hu attained report on Black Tiger's arrival, he sat in utter frustration over the former's ability to use magic. Su Quanzhong, however, would express little fear towards Black Tiger's magic renown and thus left the city to due battle with the latter. Even though Black Tiger arrived to simply discuss the situation with his old friend Su Hu, Sun Quanzhong inisted to do nothing more than clash blades with the former after hearing of his physical prowess. Once the former and latter had thus began their duel, Sun Quanzhong would notice a large gourd present on Black Tiger's back—but would continue to lash his dragon slave forward with one resolve in mind: Chong Heihu's capture. With little other choice, Black Tiger opened his gourd which signaled countless heavenly eagles to swoop down and peck their beaks into Su's flesh while black smoke oozed from his gourd profusely.

After hearing of his son's capture, Su Hu flew into unparalleled frustration and thus concluded it best to kill himself by the sword after slaying his wife and daughter—lest they were to be killed once being taken prisoners following his defeat. With such a thought in mind, Su Hu would present himself before his daughter with sword in hand utterly determined to preserve his honor until the very end. Just at this critical point in time, Black Tiger's second arrival was reported to Su Hu -- and the latter thus made defensive preparations for the pass immediately. Black Tiger, who only intended on consulting with Su Hu, had no choice but to return to the Shang camp in frustration. Due to the former's continued obstinance, the supply lines were secretly cut off at set intervals as to prevent Jizhou from attaining their needed provisions. Within this moment of besiegement, Zheng Lun arrived and challenged Black Tiger with due determination. During their vigorous clash, Zheng Lun became aware of the latter's large gourd atop his back and thus deployed his own magical ability: the soul stealing beams, from his nostrils immediately. As Black Tiger was presented before Su Hu following his capture, he became grateful at the former's courtesy and thus took the place of honor. Once Chong Houhu had attained word of his brother's condition, San Yisheng, supreme minister under Ji Chang, arrived and told the former that a letter of exhortion should be sent to Su Hu stating that he is to give up his daughter on the condition that he reattains the title of Marquis of Jizhou -- which would save the people from further suffering. Following Chong Houhu's consention, San Yisheng appeared before Jizhou and handed Ji Chang's letter to Su Hu immediately. Upon the reading of this letter, Su Hu became instantly enlightened at the West Grand Duke's rationale—and thus consented with great happiness and feasting. After asking San Yisheng to deliver his reply to Ji Chang with gifts of fine gold and satin, Su Hu made preparations to personally escort his daughter to the capital's palace.