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Investiture of the Gods
The Surrender of Two Generals
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "The Surrender of Two Generals". Returning to the incident at Lintong, Grand Old Master Wen Zhong was utterly astounded at being overtaken by such a simple trick even though he had mastered many immortal arts within the past—thus evidently suggesting that he must not have been destined to take Yellow Flying Tiger no matter what action was performed on his part. Returning to Morning Song shortly while elaborating to the ministers his unfortunate failure, Wen Zhong became rather worried over Yellow Flying Tiger's conjectured immortal assistance reoccurring in the future as to increase his probability of escaping through the passes. As reports soon entered the capital, stating Yellow Flying Tiger's individual victory over the five passes, Wen Zhong became infuriated at the countless detrimental occurrences evolving out of King Zhou's incompetence—but nonetheless resolved in his heart that he must uphold the vow to King Da Yi: the eternal preservation of the Shang Dynasty, even if it costs his own life. Knowing that Yellow Flying Tiger's successful arrive at the Western Foothills will be a great factor in Ji Fa's encouragement to rebel against the capital, Wen Zhong formed an audience before many generals to discuss the current issue. As General Lu Xiong stepped forward and recommended to the Grand Old Master that any form of war against the Western Foothills would currently act against their favor--due to the lack of food supplies and generals willing to cooperate through extensive trouble with other rebelling forces such as the dukes—Wen Zhong became convinced that the best course of action would be to obtain information about the Western Foothills set intentions in any means appropriate before taking impulsive courses of action. With consent from the Chao Twins that they shall undertake such a task, they immediately left the frontier with 30,000 soldiers at their backing—less they are forced into a situation that is needing of attack. Haltering near the western gates of Phoenix City following their arrival, Jiang Ziya obtained word of such while becoming rather confused as to why King Zhou would act at such an inappropriate time. Not being rational of the situation to any means, the Chao Twins both agreed to challenge before the gates of Phoenix City in their desire for battle and bloodshed. As Jiang Ziya sat in conference, while being approached by a guard shortly to be informed of the Shang Army's intentions, General Nangong Kuo volunteered to meet the foe outside the gates. Taking impulsiveness into his own hands, Chao Lei, the elder of the two brothers, approached his challenger, stating that Yellow Flying Tiger is to be bound up as the rebel he is—or the people of Phoenix City shall suffer death for their contradictory manners. Responding to the former's words with his cutless, Chao Lei was taken captive shortly after thirty rounds of battle. Refusing to kneel with hurtful words after being presented before Jiang Ziya, and receiving the order of execution for such, Yellow Flying Tiger moved forward and convinced the prime minister that Chao Lei may be useful to them in the future if he remains alive for now.

Obtaining consent, Yellow Flying Tiger approached the general with convincing words that he shall always remain at the lowest class if his loyalty belongs in the hands of a barbaric ruler like King Zhou, rather than a man of virtue such as that of King Wu. Expressing his immediate apologies to Jiang Ziya while being allowed to convince his brother, Chao Tian, Chao Lei appeared before his astonished brother outside the western gates shortly. After elaborating his rationale behind being freed, and his new intentions under the Western Foothills, Chao Lei became very uneasy at the prospect that their fellow family members would be slaughtered in entirety if they were to both defect from Morning Song. As Chao Lei thus devised a plan so that they can essentially escape disaster, Chao Tian meanwhile returned to the city while informing Jiang Ziya that his brother is indeed willing to defect—but he requests a general to see him as a sign of respect. Once Yellow Flying Tiger had volunteered himself with consent, Jiang Ziya additionally sent Xin Jia, Xin Mian, and Nangong Kuo to set locations less anything were to happen to the prince. As Yellow Flying thus entered the Shang camp in greeting, the two Chao Twins laughed internally at the idiocy of the Western Foothills while binding the former and returning to Morning Song quickly. When they had arrived before Mount Dragon along the way, General Xin Jia suddenly stood before their path, suggesting that they hand over Yellow Flying Tiger if they wish to keep their lives. Knowing that the situation was in their favor, and it would be foolish to give up such a chance so blatantly, the two Chao Twins ragefully thrashed their blades at the enemy general. As Xin Mian additional fell upon the Shang forces with great force, Chao Lei decided to flee from the Western Foothills district in order to potentially obtain further support while his brother fought of the enemy. As Yellow Flying Tiger had essentially been freed more easily due to the former's departure, the prince wrathfully took Chao Tian prisoner in his vows for revenge. Meanwhile, Chao Lei unfortunately forgot the specific path of exit from the Western Foothills district—forcing him to run about atop his horse with great frustration over such a ridiculous situation. Being approached shortly by General Nangong Kuo under the light of the moon that midnight, Chao Lei had no intention to feel regret over his previous decision, and thus charged at the enemy general with swift renown. Not realizing that Nangong's furiosity and aggression made him one of the strongest warriors of the Western Foothills, Chao Lei was bound shortly and placed within the Prime Minister's mansion the following dawn. Once Yellow Flying Tiger and Nangong Kuo elaborated their successful capture of Chao Lei and Chao Tian to Jiang Ziya, the prime minister ordered for the brothers to meet an immediate execution through beheading. As Chao Lei quickly elaborated the situation with his fellow family members, and the regret that he possesses by not telling Jiang Ziya of such an issue sooner, Yellow Flying Tiger personally informed the prime minister that Chao Lei's words are indeed truthful. When the two brothers had thus been set free while kneeling before Jiang Ziya, the latter stated that Chao Tian shall remain as a hostage, while Chao Lei returns to the capital with secretly written instructions that will essentially ensure their family's safety. Realizing he had little choice, Chao Lei set out for Morning Song at once.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • The chagrin of Grand Old Master Wen Zhong
  • The mass conclusion - to send and expeditionary force to Western Foothills (Jade Thunder -spy; Jade Ricefield - commander)
  • Nimblefoot's prowess; Ricefield captured
  • Flying Tiger's resolution - to win over Ricefield
  • Meeting with Jade Thunder; the scheme of betrayal
  • Foresight of Jiang Baby Tooth; the battle of negation
  • Jade Thunder and Ricefield captured