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Investiture of the Gods
Grand Old Master Wen Zhong Attacks the Western Foothills
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Grand Old Master Wen Zhong Attacks the Western Foothills". Striding swiftly atop his jade-unicorn, Huang Tianhua arrived before the Shang camp shortly, offering battle immediately following. Seeing a young man of around sixteen years of age challenging their gates with seemingly great confidence, Mo Liqing moved forward to do battle immediately after being informed of the former's intentions. Using his White Jade Ring to deliver a brutal blow to the opposition's back, Nezha suddenly intercepted Liqing, fully resolved to protect his fellow ally at all costs. After using his golden Universal Ring to shatter Liqing's jade ring to pieces, Nezha had little choice but to retreat with Tianhua in his arms—for the other three brothers quickly assisted with their respective weapons just following such a happening. Returning to Phoenix City immediately after, Yellow Flying Tiger gasped in astonishment at the report of his son, for Liqing is known for drenching his ring in the most deadly of poisons before use. Gazing forth at Tianhua at once, alas, it was too late: Tianhua was nothing more than a lifeless body shortly. Performing divination to become informed of the recent happenings within the Western Foothills, White Cloud Lad arrived before Phoenix City later on, retrieving the body of Huang Tianhua with reassurance to Yellow Flying Tiger. As Pure Void revived his disiciple with dissolved elixers of legendary origin, he reprimanded Tianhua for impulsiveness, informed him of his former death by the hands of a jaden ring, and handed him a special weapon to use against the opposition before giving his farewells. Returning to Phoenix City shortly following, Tianhua was admitted within the Prime Minister's mansion, where he thoroughly elaborated the happenings at his master's cavern. Riding from the city gates the following morning with great determination for revenge, Liqing was astonished to see Tianhua alive, and still fuming over the lack of his ring, he charged at the former with his lance immediately following. Thrashing at the young warrior with exceeded renown, Tianhua unleashed the weapon that his master had given him--the Heart Penetrating Nail—and threw it straight at Liqing's breast. As the nail burrowed into his heart like a drill, resulting in immediate death, Lihong, who was enraged at the lack of power he possessed without his umbrella, fearlessly charged at Tianhua with his great halberd. Maneuvering like a snake in order to avoid any potential attack from other deadly weapons that the boy may possess, Tianhua launched a secondary nail, and to Lihong's great ill-fortune and surprise, it followed his movement like an enraged beast, piercing his throat in one sudden strike. Piercing through Lihai's heart immediately after passing through the throat of Lihong like a raging bullet of incredible speed, Lishou clearly realized the situation was desperate—and thus ordered his elephant to crush Tianhua before he, included, meets death. As the elephant suddenly reared back to attack its master—for Yang Bliss was still performing his magic disguise—Lishou was thrashed about violently, resulting in his additional unfortunate end. Recollecting his two nails afterwards, Yang Bliss returned to his former state, and upon introduction to Tianhua, they both returned to Phoenix City with the heads of the four Diablo brothers. Mounting the four newly received heads atop Phoenix City's eastern gates, Commander Han Rong had meanwhile received many soldiers under the Diablo brothers, and upon their explanation of such an unfortunate happening, Han Rong sent another urgent report to Wen Zhong, elaborating the recent happenings within the Western Foothills. Fuming with incredible rage upon the receiving of such a report, Wen Zhong was resolved in his heart that only he is truly capable of destroying Jiang Ziya once and for all, despite what the capital may suffer if he is to take leave so suddenly.

Approaching King Zhou the following day with written report, the king gave his immediate approval towards the Grand Old Master's declaration of taking leave. Obtaining a glass of wine from King Zhou as tribute to his departure, Grand Old Master left the palace and ascended his mount. Being idle for so many months, Wen Zhong was reared from the mount immediately, while at the same time being informed from other ministers that such may foretell a bad omen on the part of his future. Dismissing such an incident as solely being the result of his mount's idleness for such a long period, the Grand Old Master set off at once, taking along over 300,000 soldiers as support. Obtaining suggestion to head through the Green Dragon Pass—for it was the shortest route to the Western Foothills—from Commander Zhang Kui of Mianchi Country later on, Wen Zhong did as he suggested, but regretfully met various narrow mountain paths and other such obstacles that resulted in a lengthened march. Arriving before the Yellow Flower Mountain along the way, beautiful flowers of yellow bloomed in every which direction, filling the soldiers of Shang, and Wen Zhong alike, with heightened happiness. Halting his army before the summit of the mountain, the Grand Old Master personally inspected the terrain ahead, and was immensely satisfied at the enchanting view laid out before him. Suddenly hearing the gongs of soldiers behind him, while clearly seeing troops marching along the mountain, a patrolman reported to the commanding general that a certain man could be seen spying upon their formation—Grand Old Master in this case. As the general charged at the conjectured spy with great furiosity, Wen Zhong evaded each blow as easily as a leaf blowing through the wind. Baiting the general farther to the east, Wen Zhong encased the pursuing general within four large golden walls, and followed by relaxing upon a rock to see how the situation shall develop. Suddenly being confronted by two additional generals who declared themselves to be the "mountain chiefs"—thus being nothing more than unaligned outlaws—the former two charged at Wen Zhong like raging beasts. Waving his golden staves in a set direction, the first of two chiefs saw before him a grand ocean of sea, while the second felt as if being surrounded by a forest—thus indicating their being trapped within Grand Old Master's art of genjutsu. Relaxing under a tree, Wen Zhong became confronted by a fourth high-ranking chief: a large beast that could fly swiftly through the clouds with its wings, while equipped with two hammers. Grinning with delight at the chance to obtain this individual under the flag of Shang, Grand Old Master used neighboring rocks to break the wings of his foe, leaving him no choice but to beg for mercy. Obtaining consent from the enemy--who's name had been "Xin Huan"—to serve under him as a left arm of the royal army sent to destroy the Western Foothills, Wen Zhong was informed that over 10,000 outlaws are present within the mountain and are under the former's command. As Xin Huan pleaded for the freeing of his three allies, and upon Wen Zhong's inquiring of their strong bond of loyalty and friendship despite being nothing more than outlaws, the Grand Old Master rose his palm to the skies in consent, and upon a sudden clap of thunder, the three bound individuals felt as if they awoke from a dream. However, these three, as expected, still considered Wen Zhong as their enemy—and thus charged at the former, completely resolved to destroy him for assaulting their mountain.

Categorized Events[edit]

  • Heavenly Educated's duel against the Diablo Brothers
  • Death of Heavenly Educated; inner anguish of Yellow Flying Tiger
  • Vacuum's magical potion if revival; Heavenly Educated's second duel
  • The death of the Diablo Brothers; the tri-celebrated victory
  • Grand Old Master's unparalleled chagrin; the eternal vow to destroy the Western Foothills
  • Grand Old Master personally sets out
  • Arrival at Mount Yellow Blossoms; Conflict with the four lords
  • Eternal allegiance established