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General Summary[edit]

As the Shang and Zhou forces arrayed themselves the following morning, Burning Lamp signaled his choosing of the Roaring Typhoon Trap by approaching it with each immortal and disciple by his side. Master Dong of Shang thus stepped forthward from his trap, and upon Burning Lamp's seeing of Fang Bi, a man that is seemingly capable of great strength, he ordered the latter to take the challenge at once. Fleeing into his trap at the very sight of such a giant beast, Dong ascended his platform at once, and upon the waving of his pennant, Fang Bi was stabbed to death by thousands of swords that became multiplied with the power of black wind. As Dong thus exited from the trap, Merciful Navigation, who was handed the Wind Stopping Pearl, entered the Roaring Typhoon Trap shortly following a clash between blades. Negating all black wind with the pearl touching his body in any form, Merciful Navigation used his glazed vase to trap Dong within, in which he exited the trap immediately following such a victory. Just as Grand Old Master seethed with great rage at such a sight, and was determined to obtain some form of revenge at once, Master Yuan ran forth from his Frigid Ice Trap and called forth for battle, vowing to Wen Zhong that he shall become his emobodiement of vengeance. With the retortion of Xue Ehu, Yuan retreated into his trap following a meager amount of rounds, and upon the ascension of his terrace, Yuan froze the lower body of Xue Ehu with frozen ice emitting from his purple pennant, and followed by smashing the opposition to literal pieces with a glacier, twenty feet in overall circumference. As Wen Zhong grinned with great delight at such promiseful destructive force at his very disposal, Universal Virtue approached Yuan as the secondary challenger. Knowing that he must destroy this foe in order to prove his ascended might to the Grand Old Master no matter what, Yuan immediately rushed forth within his trap and summoned forth multiple glaciers of outstanding size within a single moment. Unfortunately however, no matter how ice that happened to topple upon Universal Virtue, Universal Virtue created many majestical clouds above his head that emitted flames upon the user's will. Realizing the situation to be grim--as the opponent possesses a clearly dominant advantage against his ability--Yuan fled for the sake of his promise to Wen Zhong, but was at the same time wiped away from life as he was beheaded by Virtue's "Hooks of Wu". Immediatley following, Mother Golden Light exited from her Golden Light Trap, and at the same moment, was challenged by Xiao Zhen, another disposable disciple of the Jade Emptiness Palace.

Entering the trap following a few exchanged blows upon Burning Lamp's consention, Golden Light ascended her platform and unleashed myriads of golden light beams emitting from her magic mirrors, burning away the flesh of Xiao Zhen instantaneously. With Grand Completion's approach following such an incident, Golden Light retreated within her trap, while unleashing volleys of light upon the former. To her ill-fortune, however, Grand Completion completely protected himself from any potential harm with his eight-diagramed robe, and used his Heaven Overturning Stamp to destroy every mirror present within the trap. Finishing off Golden Light with a second round of his stamp, and exiting the trap shortly following, Grand Old Master's rage touched the very heavens, and nothing could stand in his way now that half of his fellow allies had been wiped away so easily. With Master Sun's immediate intrusion, Qiao Kun, a hermit of Mount Wuyi, volunteered to meet the opposition within the Bleeding Blood Trap. Following a clash between blades, Sun ascended the platform within his trap and summoned forth volleys of black sand to pierce Qiao's flesh, who ended up dieing shortly through a loss of blood. As usual, an individual of superiorman qualities was sent forth for battle--in this case being Fairy Primordial--and upon the consention of Burning Lamp, the two fought with great renown before venturing within the opposition's trap. Using green lotus flowers to negate any black sand that came near his body, Sun's ability became rather useless, resulting in his own life being ended shortly by the former's Nine Dragon Divine Fire Coverlet. As Yellow Dragon ordered the two sides to return to their respective camps in preparation for the next day of battle, Grand Old Master had meanwhile returned to the side of his fellow comrades, and with tears within his eyes, he pleaded for the four remaining lords to return to their mountain less any further casualties arise. Solely possessing intentions to assist the Grand Old Master for the sake of the greater good, even if they may lose their lives through such resolve, Wen Zhong's morale rose to an extent, but he clearly realized that more celestial reinforcements are essential if the foul Jiang Ziya is to be eradicated along with his defiant comrades. Recalling Zhao Gongming, his old friend from Mount Emei, Wen Zhong ordered Ji Li and Yu Qing to take command of the camp before taking leave to such a mountain at once. Successfully arriving before the residence of Zhao Gongming and performing his formal greetings, Wen Zhong thoroughly elaborated the current happenings in his clash against the rebel leader Jiang Ziya. Reproving his old friend for not telling him of such earlier, he promised the Grand Old Master to return for the time being while he personally departs to the Western Foothills after making essential preparations. Arriving before the camp of Shang atop a large black tiger, Zhao was allowed entrance, and upon his greetings before Wen Zhong and the four celestial masters, he inquired as to why a certain man is seen within the distance hanging upon a pavilion gate. Being informed that such is Zhao Jiang, one of their fellow allies, as a simple means for Jiang Ziya to express his contempt towards their cause, Zhao Gongming ragefully mounted his tiger and set forth in the direction of the pavilion in order to show Jiang Ziya his place.

Future Events[edit]