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Investiture of the Gods
The Yellow River Trap
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "The Yellow River Trap". As Jiang Ziya was immediately reinforced by Yang Bliss, Huang Tianhua, and Nezha on both sides, High Firmament would suffer a crucial blow from Ziya's Staff of Beating Gods, and Celestial Lotus thus used her black wind art combined with Pretty Cloud's Eye Blinding Pearl to send the forces of Zhou fleeing in fear, while they themselves returned to the Shang camp. High Firmament, who now knew the strength at Jiang Ziya's disposal, realized that with treacherous immortals like Lu Ya on his side, the theory of him reciprocating the qualities of Heaven is truly nothing more than a joke, and the fact that she is destined to be on the List of Creations would thus have to additionally be wrong, considering that the former is the list's "destined creator". Realizing through such rationale that it would be best to avenge her brother with the vail of Shen Gongbao's fake words in a chance to obtain Jiang Ziya's position effectively without risk for her own reputation, High Firmament asked Grand Old Master Wen Zhong to specifically pick out 600 warriors that are seemingly of the greatest strength amongst the majority of the Shang forces. With these warriors, High Firmament created a trap that possessed chalk drawings of windows, exits, and other forms of signals to denote advancement or retreat on the part of the soldiers that are to be placed within. With individual spells placed upon their bodies and other sorts of magical attributes within the trap, anyone of immortal or human characteristics would feel as if confronted against one-thousand soldiers. As High Firmament entirely informed the Grand Old Master of this trap and its traits, Wen Zhong, the five women, and a set number of soldiers discluding the original 600 left the camp of Shang and approached the opposition's reed pavilion shortly following. Seeing Jiang Ziya, Burning Lamp, and others exit the pavilion, Wen Zhong was astounded beyond words at the mysterious survival of the rebel commander, and thus immediately gnashed his teeth in rage at the great magical treachery within the sleeves of the enemy superiormen. As High Firmament rode before Jiang Ziya, she declared the invincibility of her newly established trap while offering the former a chance to inspect such a trap without any sort of harm in the process. Taking her word, Jiang Ziya began a thorough inspection, and upon his leave, Yang Bliss was greatly eager for battle, and lunged forth at Jade Firmament with his Sky Barking Hound. High Firmament, who became disturbed at such rudeness, used her Unverse Muddling Dipper to throw Yang Bliss within her trap. With the retortion of Jinzha and that of Muzha, they in addition were thrown into the Yellow River Trap shortly afterwards. Jiang Ziya, who would have shared the same fate as the former three if he did not possess his Yellow Apricot Flag for essential protection, fled back to the reed pavilion after countering High Firmament's dipper. As Jiang Ziya returned to the pavilion and thoroughly elaborated the special weapon at High Firmament's disposal earlier that day, the five women of Shang had meanwhile decided to spare the lives of the three captured celestials until they personally confront Burning Lamp. Grand Old Master Wen Zhong, who was naturally delighted at six individuals of the Western Foothills being held captive, held a special banquet for Master Zhang and the others.

Approaching before the reed pavilion the following morning as previously promised, Burning Lamp exited the gates, and upon the reprimendation of High Firmament and the others for their vengful intentions dispite the risk of death, Jade Firmament lashed forth at the enemy commander atop her swan. Pure Essence, who intercepted Jade with immense speed, was only thrown into the Yellow River Trap in mere moments following his interuption by the muddling dipper. As such an action became reciprocated to every other superiorman present, Burning Lamp realized that the situation was exceedingly dire, and grabbed Jiang Ziya while fleeing back to the reed pavilion once a gust of wind had been created as essential protection. Expressing his deepest of apologies to the prime minister for carelessly allowing such a dillemma to take place, Burning Lamp headed to Mount Kunlun, where he obtained information via from White Crane Lad that Heavenly Primogenitor is currently making his way to the Western Foothills at such a moment. Arriving before the pavilion shortly, and upon the arrival of midnight, an incredibly large cloud appeared above the pavilion with thousands of lamps floating around it in every direction visible -- a process in which Heavenly Primogenitor had summoned for reasons not told. High Firmament, who assumed the arrival of a far greater personage--more than likely the reputed Heavenly Primogenitor of Chan--by seeing such great magic at work that Burning Lamp or any other superiorman seen with her eyes would not have the ability to produce, began to consider whether killing the captives within her trap would be the better choice rather than going about another process. Deciding to wait and see how the enemy reacts further, Heavenly Primogenitor arrived before the enemy's trap the following morning and began to inspect it upon the polite consention of High Firmament, who became quite worried at the arrival of such a trump card to potentially interfere with her plans. Sighing deeply at the sight of his disciples laying about so humiliatedly, Primogenitor began to take his leave; but at the same time, Pretty Cloud threw one of her Eye Blinding Pearl's at the former only for it to be burned to ashes before touching his body. As the five women became frightful at such a sight, Primogenitor meanwhile returned to the pavilion, stating that his disciples are little more than lowly mortals, and no potential act to save them wasn't considered -- for Lao Tzu is to arrive shortly, and he wishes to discuss the situation with him before taking any such action. With the arrival of Lao Tzu, High Firmament gazed into the direction of the reed pavilion, and upon the realization that the Grand Master of Mount Xuandu, Lao Tzu, is more than likely present due to his specialized jade pagoda floating above the pavilion, the four other women suggested any form of surprise attack if the enemy is to approach their trap the following morning. As the two grand masters solely approached the trap, High Firmament, Jade Firmament, and Green Firmament exited the trap without the slightest of greeting, to the great rage of Lao Tzu, who declared his intentions to fight them in their own field: the Yellow River Trap.