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Investiture of the Gods
Wrath of Commander Deng Jiugong
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Wrath of Commander Deng Jiugong". As Shen Gongbao successfully led Earth Traveler Sun before Sanshan Pass, he continued along various other regions in desperate search for potential comrades. At this same point in time, the remnants of Wen Zhong's forces had reported the death of their commander to Han Rong of Sishui Pass, which was then transferred in the form of a letter before the eyes of Wei Zi, who was unexpectedly startled beyond his own belief at such news. Appearing before King Zhou within a side court immediately following, the king discussed with his fellow ministers how the Grand Old Master is to be essentially avenged after feeling intense grievance over such an incredible loss. As Supreme Minister Ji Shang suggested that Deng Jiugong, a man that has recently defeated many rebelling forces under Western Duke E Shun and is stationed closest to the Western Foothills for a high rate of potential reinforcement, King Zhou agreed to such a suggestion, issuing forth a royal decree to the residence of Deng Jiugong, granting him the white sceptor and yellow axe as a symbolization of his newly attained military authority. As Royal Messenger Wang Zhen rode for days upon end through the beautiful autumn weather, he eventually arrived before Sanshan Pass, and handed the royal decree to Deng Jiugong, who, in exchange, accepted such a decree while ordering Kong Xuan to take over the pass as commander for the time being. Leaving the pass the following day with a great army at his essential backing, a small lad appeared before the gates with a letter of recommendation for Deng Jiugong—who in this case had been none other than Earth Traveler Sun, who happened to run around for quite some time before deciding to confront the commander as intended. Personally opening the letter and realizing that it is from one of his past acquaintances—Shen Gongbao—Deng Jiugong, who was still rather unconfident in the capacity of such a young boy despite his supposed abilities, merely appointed him as assistant supervisor of the food supplies and then continued along his way to the Western Foothills. Arriving before the reported eastern gate of Phoenix City not long after, and camping for the night, a patrolman had meanwhile approached Jiang Ziya at his mansion, reporting the arrival of a man he knew to have been Deng Jiugong, a reputed commander of the Shang Dynasty.

As Deng issued forth a command to challenge the eastern gates the following morning, Tai Luan, his right-hand vanguard, strode forth to the enemy gates with cutless firmly in hand, where he was met momentarily by General Nangong Kuo. Not having any patience for a man of treachery, Tai Luan immediately slashed apart the former's armor plates, leaving a great opening that was not allowed for seizing as Nangong fled the scene in great fear of being killed by the opposition's renown. Praising Tai Luan for demoralizing the enemy forces later that day, Deng Jiugong approached the western gate with his troops placed within five individual square formations, ready to pounce upon the enemy at any moment. As the two sides began to fiercefully clash against one other following the arrayment of Jiang Ziya's forces, the forces of Shang eventually retreated back to camp once their commander and vanguard were seriously wounded: the former being struck in the left arm by Nezha's ring, while the latter was burned by the flames of Zhao Sheng. Deng Chanyu, the daughter of Deng Jiugong, who was greatly distressed at the condition of her father, was allowed the right to challenge the gates of Phoenix City later that day. With Nezha retorting against such a challenge shortly, he was startled to see such a beautiful woman on the battlefield, but had little choice but to fight back once she relentlessly lunged forth at him with her long cutless. As Chanyu began to flee in feigned defeat, Nezha pursued; but to his detriment, the former casted forth a golden pebble with her hand at quick speed, woulding Nezha severely in the eyes and nose, forcing him to retreat back to the city immediately. Huang Tianhua, who began to ridicule Nezha for being hurt by a mere pebble despite the celestial attributes that he supposedly possesses, volunteered to meet Chanyu once she had challenged the city the following morning in addition. As the two fought valiently for some time, with Chanyu's feigned retreat, Tianhua ended up suffering a wound to his forehead even more severe that that of Nezha's, and thus fled back to the city only to be ridiculed in return by an avengful Nezha. With the prime minister busy breaking up the fight between that of Tianhua and Nezha, Deng Jiugong was meanwhile exceedingly delighted over the successive victories of his young daughter. Chanyu, who possessed great confidence over her two former victories, presented herself before Phoenix City's gates the next day only to be met by Dragon Beard Tiger, who wields the same general art in battle. As the two began to battle each other with great renown, Dragon Beard Tiger suddenly unleashed a volley of stones and boulder dust from his two hands, and as he violently thrusted forth at the opposition within such confusion, Chanyu managed to land two hits on his neck and face, and then followed by lifting her sword to finish the beast through beheading.