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Investiture of the Gods
Submission of Earth Traveler Sun
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Submission of Earth Traveler Sun". As Yang Bliss continued along to the residence of Krakuchanda of Dragon Squeezing Mountain, he happened upon a neighboring mountain, where he had noticed an extravagent mansion known as "The Green Phoenix Palace". Suddenly noticing a beautiful woman exit the palace's outer gates while he sat behind a pine tree fully observing the situation, he politely bowed before her upon approach, and inquired her knowledge of a boy by the name of "Earth Traveler Sun", who is the current cause of trouble within the Western Foothills. Happening to know the young lad through his constant behavior of roaming about between regions, she informed Yang Bliss that he is indeed a disciple of Krakucchanda -- so the matter should thus be easily subsideable if the latter is elaborated on the current circumstances. Receiving her name as being "Princess Long Ji, daughter of the Jade Emperor"--who had been exiled to this specific mountain after performing many accidents simultaneously--Yang Bliss kowtowed in thanks while continuing along the direction to Krakucchanda's residence. As he approached a large swamp with a storm rising violently throughout the air, a large dragon-like beast with sword-sharp teeth emerged from the water's depths, lunging forth at the former while being thirty-feet in overall heighth. Using his hands to unleash cracks of lightning upon this beast, which sent it into immediate flight, Yang Bliss pursued it within a large cave without a single moment of hesitation. Shining brilliant rays of light from his eyes as a method to see eternal light even inside a purely dark cave, Yang Bliss happened upon a double-edged cutless with three sharp points laid upon a parcel as he approached the far end of the cave, not finding a single trace of the beast he had clashed with prior. Finding a shining yellow gown inside the parcel, which fortunately fit him perfectly, he took ahold of the cutless and began to stride out of the cave before hearing the unexpected voice of two individuals, who exclaimed him to be a thief.

These individuals, who were none other than the Golden Fleece Lads of Mount Wuyi, noticed that the thief was none other than their master; upon a traditional kowtow of apologies, while allowing their master to receive the gown and sword as a gift, Yang Bliss instructed them to return to the Western Foothills and inform Prime Minister Jiang Ziya of his past happenings with a woman by the name of Long Ji after elaborating her words in full detail to his two disciples. As the two lads thus used the sword of Yang Bliss as proof of their identities as disciples of the former, they arrived before the Prime Minister's mansion shortly and elaborated their master's words to Jiang Ziya himself. With Yang Bliss's arrival at Krakucchanda's residence, he asked if he knew a certain lad by the name of "Earth Traveler Sun", who happened to be using a Celestial Binding Rope against the Western Foothill cause. Knowing that his rope was missing, and Earth Traveler Sun would be the kind to act against his word to such an extent, Krakucchanda believed Yang's words, and declared that he shall arrive at the Western Foothills in short time. As both Yang Bliss and Krakucchanda had arrived at separate moments to elaborate the situation's truth, Jiang Ziya personally approached the Shang camp and began to inspect it from the shadows. Deng Jiugong, who knew that the situation most obviously suggested a potential trap, ordered Earth Traveler Sun, who is a master at any such perdicament, to charge forth at the rebel commander and capture him if at all possible. Strongly resolved to do away with Jiang Ziya for the sake of obtaining the hand of the beautiful Deng Chanyu, Earth Traveler Sun burrowed his way to the enemy's position and immediately lunged from the ground to deploy his Celestial Binding Rope, which he happened upon within the capital city during his former night attack. Realizing that his rope mysteriously stayed afloat in mid-air whenever he attempted to wield it's power, as was the same for his secondary rope, he suddenly caught sight of his master descending from the skies, and thus began to burrow into the ground as a means of escape. Taking immediate action, Krakucchanda slammed his palm upon the ground, turning it into iron and resulting in an easy capture of the unfortunate Earth Traveler Sun, who happened not to flee in time. Presenting his disciple before the feet of Jiang Ziya, Krakucchanda demanded the reason as to why he acted against his authority in such an impulsive manner. Informing his master that a man by the name of "Shen Gongbao" had inticed him to attack the Western Foothills--for he would never have a chance at greatness in any other manner employable--he additionally stated that he was greatly encouraged by Deng Jiugong, his commander, to destroy the Western Foothills for the sake of obtaining the hand of Deng Chanyu, a beautiful woman that is the former's daughter. Taking such statements into consideration, Krakucchanda realized through divination that Sun was supposedly destined to be married to this "Deng Chanyu", and thus suggested to Prime Minister Jiang Ziya that a matchmaker should be found -- who in this case was chosen to be none other than San Yisheng. Consenting to such a suggestion, Jiang Ziya told San Yisheng upon the latter's arrival to see Commander Deng Jiugong of Shang about a certain matter that involves Earth Traveler Sun's marriage to his daughter, Deng Chanyu. As the supreme minister was elaborated on the issue further before taking any form of leave, Deng Jiugong had obtained word some time before on the capture of his vanguard, and began to fume in frustration as to be expected.