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Investiture of the Gods
Grand Completion at the Green Touring Palace
Xu Zhonglin or Lu Xixing

This chapter is titled "Grand Completion at the Green Touring Palace". When Princess Long Ji had realized that she had been stabbed, she would flee to the northwest without pusuit. As Hong Jin and the princess regrouped their remaining soldiers, they would immediately send an urgent report to Jiang Ziya. After receiving reprimendation from Jiang Ziya, they would thorougly explain the arrival of Fiery Spirit -- and the disatrous resolution that resulted. Upon the hearing of Jiang's arrival, Fiery Spirit would emerge from the Shang camp immediately and clash blades with the former. At the same point in time in which Jiang Ziya would be crucially stabbed through the breast by Fiery Spirit, the new Zhou camp would roar with flames once more. As the distance between Jiang and Fiery Spirit drew closer, the latter would manage to hit him with a hammer and thus move forthward to put an end to the rebel leader. Unexpectedly however, Paragon would suddenly appear and use his Haze-Sweeping Shirt and Heaven Overturning Stamp to effectively absorb the latter's light and smash her skull into two. With Fiery Spirit now dead, Paragon would take her golden coronet (the item she had previously used to create light). After healing Jiang Ziya's wounds and bringing him to his feet, Paragon would head to the Green Touring Palace in order to return the former's coronet. While making his way to the Good Dream Pass, Jiang Ziya would suddenly catch sight of his destined enemy from the skies: Shen Gongbao. In the former's attempt to hide himself in a thick neighboring forest along the path, Shen Gongbao would catch sight of Jiang Ziya and effectively order him to come forward. Grimming with delight over this chance to attain revenge, Shen Gongbao would slash continuously at Jiang Ziya with his sword. Due to being old and seriously wounded, Jiang would flee at the greastest of speed atop his horse less he were to be killed. Using his legendary Sky Breaking Pearl, Shen Gongbao would send Jiang Ziya tumbling to the ground in a state of near death. Under orders from the Jade Emptiness Palace, Krakucchanda would unfortunately appear to sully Shen Gongbao's resolve. Now being fully aware of the situation, the former would flee quickly to the skies atop his pearl-coated tiger.

After effectively capturing Shen Gongbao with his Immortal Binding Rope, Krakucchanda would order his genii to take the former to the Unicorn Cliff and await his punishment. After Jiang Ziya had been essentially treated with elixer by the former, he would express his inner dignity towards the immortal before heading back on his way. Krakucchanda would thus head quickly to Mount Kunlun to await Master Heavenly Primogenitor's jugdement upon Shen Gongbao. Upon Primogenitor's arrival at the Unicorn Cliff, he would order for Shen Gongbao to be placed under the mountain until Jiang Ziya had created the gods. Shen Gongbao, however, would manage to avoid such a fate by vowing that if he were to attack the former again, may his body be thrown into the North Sea. Heavenly Primogenitor, Krakucchanda, and Shen Gongbao would thus head to their own separate paths after such an oath had been created. As Paragon had arrived at the Green Touring Palace, he would wait for a long period of time before the gates had been opened by a lad to hear his request. As the former entered the palace and stood before the Nine Dragon Lignaloe Platform, he would kowtow before Grand Master of Heaven with Fiery Spirit's golden coronet in his hands. With no true resentment over his disciple's death, he would declare to the former that if any of his comrades were to ever act against his word and attack Jiang Ziya, it won't matter to him if they were to also meet their own end. After Paragon had emerged from the palace, he would be forced to flee back to Grand Master of Heaven's residence three separate times due to the unparalleled hatred and vows of revenge that the latter's disciples felt towards Paragon.