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Supreme Court of Korea

Supreme Court of Korea decisions translated into English. For more decisions, see https://www.scourt.go.kr/eng/supreme/decisions/guide.jsp


Some or all works listed in this portal are in the public domain because, according to Article 7 of the Copyright Act of South Korea, these works are not protected by copyright law. This following works are included:

  1. Constitution, laws, treaties, decrees, ordinances and rules;
  2. Notices, public notifications, directions and others similar to them issued by the state or local government;
  3. Judgments, decisions, orders, or rulings of courts, as well as rulings and decisions made by the administrative appeal procedures, or other similar procedures;
  4. Compilations or translations of works as referred to in Subparagraphs 1 to 3 which are produced by the state or local government; and
  5. Current news reports which transmit simple facts, and digital audio transmission

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