President Ford–Walter Annenberg memcon (September 6, 1974)

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President Ford–Henry Kissinger–Jerrold Schecter memcon (1974)
with Gerald Ford and Walter Hubert Annenberg
1763375President Ford–Henry Kissinger–Jerrold Schecter memcon1974with Gerald Ford and Walter Hubert Annenberg





President Gerald R. Ford
Ambassador Walter Annenberg, retiring Ambassador to the Court of St. James.
Lt. General Brent Scowcroft, Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
Friday, September 6, 1974
10:00 a.m.
The Oval Office
The White House

Annenberg: I hope you will get a swimming pool.

President: Haig is working on it. The design is set. They plan to solicit for public contributions.

Annenberg: I hope there will be a cover.

President: I think it is the most advanced design. In Alexandria, I could only use it nine months a year. It is pretty good.

Annenberg: I jog every morning in my pool -- back and forth. Then I swim four or five laps.

President: I do it in the morning and evening. Sunnyland was perfect.

Annenberg: Sunnyland is always available to you. I have made commitments up through the end of October. I would like the cutoff about the end of October.

President: Fine. There has been no final decision. You have heard talk about Fulbright [as your successor]. You also mentioned Anderson. There have been other possibilities.

Annenberg: How about Scranton?

President: He only wants one position, and that's not it. He really enjoys what he is doing. I knew him in Congress, when he was Governor, and we were in Law School together. There is only one job that he wants, and I swore I wouldn't tell.

How do you see the British elections [expected in October]?

Annenberg: It'll be close. There still will be a coalition and I lean slightly to Heath. I think the Liberals will be more at home with the Conservatives. There will be 36-40 percent for each of the big parties, and the rest for the Liberals and others.

President: Is the date set yet?

Anrtenberg: He is seeing the Queen this weekend. He has to get permission. The campaign will be short.

President: I wish we had that. Heath is coming here. Is that a problem?

Annenberg: That's why I said you should say you will see any responsible leader.

Scowcroft: We checked it with Wilson.

Annenberg: Heath wants to use it. He will publicize it.

Mayor Rizzo is excited about your coming. Will you pat him on the back?

President: I understand my unfavorite Governor will be there also.

Annenberg: Yes. Do you know he wouldn't even let __________ come to this thing tonight? _________ has been a prime mover in the bicentennial activities.

President: And this is the kickoff for the bicentennial activities. We better go.

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