Private Snafu: Spies

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Private Snafu: Spies  (1943) 
by Charles Martin Jones
An American 1943 instruction film, designed to inform service personnel and improve troop morale. Private Snafu is determined to keep a secret, but bit by bit it slips out, and the details end up right on Adolf Hitler's desk.
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The following is a transcription of a film. The contents below represent text or spoken dialogue that are transcribed directly from the video of the film provided above. On certain screen sizes, each line is represented by a timestamp next to it which shows when the text appears on the video. For more information, see Help:Film.



I just learned a secret, it's a honey, it's a pip!
But the Enemy is listening, so I'll never let it slip;
'Cause when I learn a secret, boy, I zipper up my lip!

Now the military secret that I carry in my brain,
I keep in safe deposit, with a pad-a-lock and chain.

You bet I've got a secret!

Oh! I bet we find it out!

The soldier 's got a secret, but I bet we find it out!

Hello, Ma! I got a secret, I can only drop a tip:
Don't breathe a word to no one, but I'm goin' on a trip!


Sssh! Don't breathe a word to no one, but he's going on a trip!

Hey! Give me some magazines to read for when I'm on the ship.


Don't breathe a word to no one, but he's going to go by ship!

It's a cinch to keep a secret, if a fellow just takes care.

He's sailing on a troop ship, now we got to find out vhere!

I'm a sound and silent soldier, just as steady as a rock.
Here's to my little secret, with its chain and pad-a-lock!

Hello, baby, hi ya, Tootsie? Say, you're a nifty trick!
I hope I meet some babes in Africa as cute as you are!


This message is important, I must fly it double qfick!


It's been a wonderful evening, and I'd like to stay some more,
But I got to get a move on now, I sail at half past four.

He's got to get a move on now, he sails at half past four.

Heil! The troop ship bound for Africa pulls out at half past four!

Calling all volf packs! Calling all volf packs!

The transport ship for Africa pulls out at half past four!


Full speed ahead!

Now, who in Hell do you s'ppose it was that let my secret out?

Vhat vas that I heard you say my little sauerkrraut?

He vonder vho in Hell it was that let his secret out!

(laughing out loud)

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