Procedure for Making, Indexing and Filing Computations

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Office Routine


          The regular office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, and allow for a 45-minute daily lunch period. The lunch period for the design branches is scheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Short rest periods around midmorning and midafternoon are scheduled by the branch chiefs or section heads. Each employee is expected to adhere closely to the scheduled working hours for his branch or section unless other arrangements are made with the appropriate supervisor.


Omitted from this copy (ended on page II-I-2). The leave policy was footnoted as having been revised March 1952.

Time Charges and Account Numbers

Omitted (continued through page II-I-5).


Procedure for Making, Indexing, and Filing Computations

          General. It is essential that all design computations be made in a uniform manner, properly and adequately indexed, and filed for future reference. The head of each design branch (or his Design Production Engineer or other Supervisor as may be authorized) shall be responsible for the orderly making, indexing, and filing of computations. Each supervisor (Squad Boss or other employee supervising the work of others) shall be responsible for clearly indicating the status of computations made by the men under his supervision

          All computations should be kept for the duration of the design work on the whole project. While active, these are to be kept in a 3-hole loose-leaf notebook, but when superseded, voided, or otherwise inactive, computations should be placed in paper binders and filed.

          Organizing Computations. The orderliness of computations may be increased if the maker has an outline in mind before starting. It is well to start off by stating the purpose of the computations, followed by the given data, assumptions, description of the source of information, the computations, summary of results, and conclusions. When the nature of the work will not permit the use of a preconceived outline, at least a summary of results or conclusions should be included.

          For the purpose of filing there should be given for each sheet the name of the project and the general subject title followed by any necessary subtitles, ranging from the general to the specific. All necessary references for filing notations are to be indicated on sketches and other special papers as well as on the regular computation sheets. It is suggested that the wording for these titles and subtitles be taken directly from the outline for the final project design report, as this will greatly facilitate filing and the preparation fo the final design report.

          The person making the computations, as well as the checker, should place his name in the heading provided on computation sheets.

          Use of Standard Paper. Whenever practical, use standard computation paper (Form TVA 488 or 489) or paper with a similar heading. When using special-sized papers as coordinate paper, logarithmic paper, or large sheets for sketches, they should be arranged to fold to standard size for filing with the computation sheets. Make computations directly on the paper which it is intended to keep, making as much of the computation as possible a visible record and using very little scratch paper.

          Legibility. In the interest of legibility it is recommended that pencils not softer than an H or harder than a 3H be used for computations. Please keep the pencils sharp. Figures should be made so clear that there is never the slightest confusion between 3, 5, 6, and 8, or between 7 and 9.


Procedure for Making, Indexing, and Filing Computations (Continued)

          Sketches and Diagrams. Use frequent sketches and diagrams to make computations clear. Use colored pencil, shading frequently to make different parts or sections of sketches clear. Copies of tables, maps, graphs, or other material used should either be included in the computation file or referred to in such way that it can be found easily whether it is in a drawing file, book, or magazine.

          Checking. All computations that are expected to be used for final design purposes are to be checked by another man. In general the checker should make a completely separate set of computations. As the original figures are the ones to be incorporated in the design or to be used as the basis of further computations, it is unnecessary to go to great refinement in making check computations. After completion of the check, the original sheets should be marked with references to corresponding work and results on the check sheets. Checking directly on the original computation sheets (without preparation of a separate set of figures) should only be done afer securing the approval of the Squad Boss.

          Indexing. Each Branch Chief may use any system of index numbering that will help in orderly filing and cross-indexing. Probably the best method is the simple practice of having each man, while assigned to any particular squad, keep his own set of numbers, starting with No. 1 and breaking them up as required and keeping a record of numbers used, together with the subject of the computation. The system used should make it possible to refer readily to another designer's computations by specific page number.

          Whenever additional or revised computations are made, the status of the old and new computations shall be clearly indicated and cross-referenced. The reason for the change and the date should be noted on a sheet at the front of the original computations.

          Whenever it becomes evident that earlier computations are out of date, a single diagonal line should be made across each page with red crayon, each sheet also being marked "Void," "Superseded by Computations on Page _____," "Investigated but not Used," or other suitable wording explaining the status of the superseded computations. When any portion of a project has been constructed, the design computation for it should be either stamped or marked "Final."

          Filing. When preparing the final design report, computations shall be rearranged, separating all "Final" sheets into volumes. Each volume shall be given a proper title page and index sheet for ready reference. Computations having (in the opinion of the Engineer in charge) no future value may be marked "To be disposed of after (date)" stating some time after the final project report will be complete. Other computations, not final, but possibly of future value, should be arranged, bound in folders, and indexed. Computations are then transmitted to the Central Map and Drawing Services for filing in the Design Master File.

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