Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science/v039/F

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Section F.

Vice President.
Charles Sedgwick Minot of Boston, Mass.
John M. Coulter of Crawfordsville, Ind.
Member of Council.
A. J. Cook of Agrlcultural College, Mich.
Members of Sectional Committee.
Charles E. Bessey of Lincoln, Neb.
S. H. Gage of Ithaca, N. Y.,
S. M. Tracy of AgrIcultural College, Miss.
Member of Nominating Committee.
T. J. Burrill of Champaign, Ill.
Members of Sub-Committee on Nominations.
E. D. Cope of PhiladelphIa, Pa.,
W. J. Beal of Agricultural Coll., Mich.,
T. H. McBride of Iowa City, Iowa.
  • Address of Vice President, Charles Sedgewick Minot
  • The relation of the Mexican flora to that of the United States.   By Sereno Watson
  • Geographical distribution of North American Umbelliferæ.   By John M. Coulter
  • The distribution of Hepaticæ of North America.   By Lucien M. Underwood.
  • The migration of weeds.   By Byron D. Halsted.
  • Geographical distribution of the grasses of North America.   By W. J. Beal.
  • Geographical distribution of North American Cornacæ.   By John M. Coulter
  • On the general geographical distribution of North American plants.   By N. L. Britton.
  • Development of the sporocarp of Griffithsia Bornetlana.   By V. M. Spalding
  • On the seed-coats of the genus Euphorbla.   By L. H. Pammel
  • The development and function of the so-called cypress "knees," together
    with a short consideration of the natural habitat of the tree.   By W. P. Wilson
  • Forest trees of Indiana.   By Stanley Coulter
  • The trimorphism of Uromyces Trifolil (Alb. and Schw.) Wlnt.   By J. K. Howell
  • Notes on a monograph of the Kenus Lechea.   By N. L. Britton
  • Preliminary note on the genus Rhynchospora in North America.   By N. L. Britton.
  • On Rusbya, a new genus of Vacciniaceæ from Bolivia.   By N. L. Britton.
  • The continuity of protoplasm through the cell walls of plants.   By W. J. Beal and J. W. Troumet.
  • Notes upon the crystals in certain species of the Arum family.   By William R. Lazenby.
  • Observations on the method of growth of the prothallia of the Filicineæ,
    with reference to their relationships.   By Douglas H. Campbell.
  • Contributions to the life-history of Isoetes.   By Douglas H. Campbell.
  • Preliminary notes on a new and destructive oat disease.   By B. T. Galloway.
  • Observations on the life history of Uncinula spiralis.   By B. T. Galloway.
  • The specific germ of the carnation disease.   By J. C. Arthur. anll H. I,. Bolley.
  • Potato scab, a bacterial disease.   By H. L. Bolley.
  • The Harvest spiders of North America.   By Clarence M. Weed.
  • Food of bees.   By A. J. Cook.