Proclamation on Appointment of Ministers dated 9 August 2011

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Seal of the Royal Command of Thailand


on Appointment of Ministers[1]

Bhumibol Adulyadej, R.

Phra Bat Somdet Phra Paraminthra Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej is graciously pleased to proclaim that whereas We have appointed Yingluck Shinawatra Prime Minister pursuant to Our Proclamation dated 5 August 2011;

And whereas Yingluck Shinawatra has now completely selected the persons to become the Ministers to further take charge of public administration;

Now Know You that We, by virtue of section 171 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, do hereby appoint the Ministers as follows:

Yongyut Wichaidit Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior;
Police Captain Chaloem Yubamrung Deputy Prime Minister;
Police General Kowit Watthana Deputy Prime Minister;
Kittirat Na Ranong Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce;
Chumphon Sinlapa-a-cha Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism and Sports;
Surawit Khonsombun Minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister;
Kritsana Sihalak Minister attached to the Office of the Prime Minister;
General Yutthasak Sasiprapha Minister of Defence;
Thirachai Phuwanatnaranuban Minister of Finance;
Bunsong Teriyaphirom Deputy Minister of Finance;
Wirun Techaphaibun Deputy Minister of Finance;
Suraphong Towichakchaikun Minister of Foreign Affairs;
Santi Phromphat Minister of Social Development and Human Security;
Thira Wongsamut Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives;
Phonsak Charoenprasoet; Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives;
Air Chief Marshal Sukamphon Suwannathat Minister of Transport;
Police Lieutenant General Chat Kunladilok Deputy Minister of Transport;
Kittisak Hatthasongkhro Deputy Minister of Transport;
Pricha Rengsombunsuk Minister of Natural Resources and Environment;
Group Captain Anudit Nakhonthap Minister of Information and Communication Technology;
Phichai Naripthaphan Minister of Energy;
Phum Saraphon Deputy Minister of Commerce;
Siriwat Khachonprasat Deputy Minister of Commerce;
Chuchat Hansawat Deputy Minister of Interior;
Thanit Thianthong Deputy Minister of Interior;
Pol Gen Pracha Phromnok Minister of Justice;
Phadoemchai Sasomsap Minister of Labour;
Sukumon Khunpluem Minister of Culture;
Plotprasop Saratsawadi Minister of Science and Technology;
Worawat Uea-a-phinyakun Minister of Education;
Bunruen Si-tharet Deputy Minister of Education;
Supaphong Ueng-amphonwilai Deputy Minister of Education;
Witthaya Buranasiri Minister of Public Health;
Tophong Chaiyasan Deputy Minister of Public Health;
Wannarat Channukun Minister of Industry;

And that this Our Proclamation shall come into force henceforth.

Issued this 9th Day of August, Buddhist Era 2554 (2011), being the 66th Year of Our Reign.


Yingluck Shinawatra,
Prime Minister.


  1. Published in the Government Gazette: volume 128/special issue/part 88D/page 1/9 August 2011.