Public Law 109-177/Title VII

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Sec. 701. Short title.[edit]

Subtitle A. Domestic regulation of precursor chemicals.[edit]

Sec. 711. Scheduled listed chemical products; restrictions on sales quantity, behind-the-counter access, and other safeguards.[edit]

Sec. 712. Regulated transactions.[edit]

Sec. 713. Authority to establish production quotas.[edit]

Sec. 714. Penalties; authority for manufacturing; quota.[edit]

Sec. 715. Restrictions on importation; authority to permit imports for medical, scientific, or other legitimate purposes.[edit]

Sec. 716. Notice of importation or exportation; approval of sale or transfer by importer or exporter.[edit]

Sec. 717. Enforcement of restrictions on importation and of requirement of notice of transfer.[edit]

Sec. 718. Coordination with United States Trade Representative.[edit]

Subtitle B. International regulation of precursor chemicals.[edit]

Sec. 721. Information on foreign chain of distribution; import restrictions regarding failure of distributors to cooperate.[edit]

Sec. 722. Requirements relating to the largest exporting and importing countries of certain precursor chemicals.[edit]

Sec. 723. Prevention of smuggling of methamphetamine into the United States from Mexico.[edit]

Subtitle C. Enhanced criminal penalties for methamphetamine production and trafficking.[edit]

Sec. 731. Smuggling methamphetamine or methamphetamine precursor chemicals into the United States while using facilitated entry programs.[edit]

Sec. 732. Manufacturing controlled substances on Federal property.[edit]

Sec. 733. Increased punishment for methamphetamine kingpins.[edit]

Sec. 734. New child-protection criminal enhancement.[edit]

Sec. 735. Amendments to certain sentencing court reporting requirements.[edit]

Sec. 736. Semiannual reports to Congress.[edit]

Subtitle D. Enhanced environmental regulation of methamphetamine byproducts.[edit]

Sec. 741. Biennial report to Congress on agency designations of by-products of methamphetamine laboratories as hazardous materials.[edit]

Sec. 742. Methamphetamine production report.[edit]

Sec. 743. Cleanup costs.[edit]

Subtitle E. Additional programs and activities.[edit]

Sec. 751. Improvements to Department of Justice drug court grant program.[edit]

Sec. 752. Drug courts funding.[edit]

Sec. 753. Feasibility study on Federal drug courts.[edit]

Sec. 754. Grants to hot spot areas to reduce availability of methamphetamine.[edit]

Sec. 755. Grants for programs for drug-endangered children.[edit]

Sec. 756. Authority to award competitive grants to address methamphetamine use by pregnant and parenting women offenders.[edit]