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A Portable Outfit from the April 1916 QST.png

 The accompanying illustration is that of a portable outfit mounted in a specially designed quartered oak case, made by the owner. The outfit consists of a loose coupler, fixed condenser, variable condenser, Galena Molybdenite and Silicon detectors. A three thousand Ohm head set completes the receiving outfit. The sending is comprised of a fixed gap, 2″ spark coil, moulded condenser, helix, aerial switch, and key which is mounted on the front cover so that it is on a level as is shown. Lately a five thousand meter loading coil has been placed in the cabinet.

 The owner, Darrel J. Cyr, of Sioux City, Ia. has an aerial erected for the set which consists of six wires spaced eighteen inches apart in the shape of a “V” and hung on eighteen foot poles from the top of a house 35′ high. Mr. Cyr is a member of The American Radio Relay League and other Radio Associations. His call letters are 9TO.

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