QST/February 1916/Latest List of Additions to American Radio Relay League Stations

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Latest List of Additions to American Radio Relay League Stations

 Acampo Paul Nesbit 6PN
 Alhambra Forrest Wallace 120 S. Monterey St 6VV
 Bakersfield Lindley Winser 200 22nd St. 6VZ
 Los Angeles A. L. McFern 1652 Berendo St. 6TO
 Los Angeles Herbert Turner 1703 So. Berendo St. 6ABR
 Monterey Harry A. Greene, Jr. 313 Lighthouse Ave. 6GC
 San Francisco Clyde Hemenway 1407 Vermont St. 6AAB
 San Francisco Edw. M. Sargent 2235 Lake St. 6SC
 San Jose Elmer C. Lundy 592 N. 17th St. 6CY
 San Rafael Wm. A. Strong 695 Petaluma Ave. 6WG
 Hartford Fobian E. Johnson 34 Forest St 1FJ
 Stamford Verner Hendrickson 38 Maple Ave.  FO
 Georgetown Dr. Page P. A. Chesser 3AHP
 Wilmington LaFrantz Jones 923 French St. 3NP
 Wilmington Howard Phillips 121 Monroe St. 3AIL
 Washington M. G. Mastin 1438 Meridian Pl. N.W. 3AIV
 Chicago Gustav Lov 3746 Giddings St. 9CH
 Chicago Charles Miller, Jr. 2856 N. Racine Ave.  CM
 Glencoe Jirah D. Cole, Jr. 810 Vernon Ave. 9IF
 Mattoon L. A. Kern 3208 Western Ave. 9GY
 Anderson Herbert D. Norviel 521 Jackson St. 9RK
 Indianapolis James M. Sommer 2338 N. Talbott Ave. 9JI
 Davenport Wm. H. Kirwan Box 374 9XE
 Des Moines Gerald Jewett 2105 High St. 9QR
 Des Moines Cummins Rawson 2105 High St. 9QR
 Marengo Peter A. Stover Box 106 9LP
Topeka Safford D. Thacher 310 Polk St. 9QV
 Chelsea Albert E. Snow 30 Cary Ave. 1JF
 Lynn C. M. MacLeod 11 St. Stephen’s Ct. 1RE
 Lynn Cecil Arthur Tucker 21 Church St. 1TA
 Lynn Gustave A. F. Werner 73 Hollingsworth St. 1PH
 Medford Ed. E. Farmer 15 Catting St. 1JT
 Newton E. E. Hayward, Jr. 4 Pembroke St. 1SZ
 Somerville Malcolm P. Bergmann 50 Jaques St. 1HO
 Wakefield George W. Butterfield 14 Birch Hill Ave. 1IR
 Webster Alfred F. Kleindienst Turn Hall  KZ
 Houlton H. B. McIntyre 65 Court St. 1FH
 St. Louis Otto Meyer 1109 St. Clair Ave. 9QZ
 St. Louis Charles H. Sparks 5431 Bartmer St. 9LT
 St. Louis Robert C. Sparks 5431 Bartmer St. 9LT
 St. Louis
 Bozeman Earl Dawes 7ED
 Bozeman Harold P. Sheard Y. M. C. A.  HS
 Carson City Harold H. Vonderhill 211 S. Carson St. 6VN
 Anglesea Thomas W. Braidwood 205 New Jersey Ave. 3UZ
 Keyport Gifford H. Pollng Beerst 2ACC
 New Brunswick F. R. Shield 23 Second Ave. 2CG
 Upper Montclair James K. Gannon 517 Park St. 2UP
 Brooklyn Charles A. Porter 1700 Ditmas Ave. 2RJ
 Elmira Joel Young 717 West Gray St. 8ALK
 Middletown L. Mortimer Hulse 9 James St. 2ABT
 Monticello Harold I. Stecher 15 Bedford Ave. 8DY
 New Rochelle Etienne S. Donovan 255 Circuit Rd. 2ML
 New York City R. B. Austrian 49 St. Nicholas Ter. 2NW
 New York City A. S. deCalahorra 146 West 65th St. 2ACJ
 Pelham S. E. G. Rupert 107 6th Ave. 2AHT
 Rochester Elmer Koepke 26 Joseph Ave. 8AJM
 Schenectady C. F. Oudin 7 Union St. 2AFT.
 Troy E. M. Williams 1627 Seventh Ave. 2AGN
 Rochester Conway L. Todd 62 Berkeley St. 8ADE
 Columbus H. F. Grosse 346 Germania St. 8ABM
 Columbus Wm. F. Justus 273 S. Monroe Ave. 8AKV
 Cleveland Martin Rich 2259 E. 85th St. 8TJ
 Hamilton Robert J. Dougherty 628 Main St. 8FM
 Ironton H. Herman Staab 217 N. 4th St. 8ACT
 Marion R. Wolfinger 716 S. State St. 8AHM
 Steubenville B. F. Collins M. D. 152 N. Fourth St. 8IM
 Xenia W. Lyon Galloway 110 W. Main St. 8AEM
 Falls City Eugene Starr 7RS
 Bellevue W. H. Hoobler Lincoln Ave.  BRC
 Bristol Lewis T. Dunbar R. F. D. No. 1 3LT
 Bristol Ralph B. Scheffey 346 Lafayette St. 3EW
 Edgewood Park John B. Coleman 328 Locust St. 8FG
 Grove City Lot Alexander 537 Center St. 8ALE
 Grove City Hodge Alexander 537 Center St. 8ALE
 Grove City Herbert F. Harmon 418 Poplar St.  CO
 New Castle Wm. R. Fullwood 1017 Pollock Ave. 8AV
 Philadelphia Rodney Beck 4833 Pulaski Ave. 3AGI
 Philadelphia Lloyd M. Knoll 3260 Chestnut St. 3IQ
 Philadelphia L. M. Markham 5108 Baltimore Ave. 3MH
 Philadelphia Robt. Williamson Pulaski Ave. 3AGF
 Pittsburgh A. R. Altman 6710 Hudson Place 8RN
 Pittsburgh George C. Calvert 5309 Ellsworth Ave. 8VR
 Pittsburgh Louis Schlesinger 1842 Centre Ave. 8AFA
 Pittsburgh Paul B. Sutton 302 Zara St. 8GB
 Pittsburgh Wm. K. Thomas 400 Minton St. 8DE
 Pittsburgh B. P. Williams 2321 Perrysville Ave. 8IL
 Murray Russell Moebius 63 North St. 6RC
 Franklin Paul Hayden Gates 1BF
 Seattle H. R. Andrews 2105 45th Ave. 7HA
 Tacoma Richard H. Graff 714 N. D. 7MG
 Tacoma Jack Keyes 1004 No. K. St. 7JC
 Martinsburg H. E. Burns 113 W. John St. 8AGH
 Bayfield Gerald T. Andreas 9MB
 Ellsworth Orville R. Tomann 108 Chestnut St. 9EB
 Milwaukee Grant Diehl, Jr. 699 27th St. 9UD
 Sheboygan Albert Korthals 1607 N. 13th St. 9PA

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