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"He is a delightful person. One would not like a rich and octogenarian uncle to suppose that Reginald was one's ideal of conduct and conversation. Yet there is sometimes reason in his paradoxical frivolities, and justice in his practical performances."—Morning Post.

"The book, by reason of its sustained brilliance, may be likened to a Brock's Benefit at the Crystal Palace."—Athenæum.

"Mr. H. H. Munro ('Saki') has one of the lightest and most entertaining touches of the humorists of the day. . . . The book is admirable comedy and free from malice and bad taste."—Queen.

"We feel sure that those who have already made Reginald's acquaintance will be glad to renew it, and that those who know him not will not regret it if they add him to the list of their fictitious (albeit very real) acquaintances, not to say friends."—Westminster Gazette.