Report of the Department of the Treasury on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Investigation of Vernon Wayne Howell Also Known as David Koresh September 1993/Memo

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Secretary of the Treasury memo[edit]


September 30, 1993

The Honorable William J. Clinton President of the United States The White House Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

I submit to you the report of the Department of the Treasury's Waco Administrative Review (the "Review").

I established the Review on April 29, 1993, after you directed that Treasury conduct a "vigorous and thorough" investigation of the events leading to the loss of law enforcement and civilian lives near Waco, Texas, on February 28, 1993.

Over the past five months, at my direction, Assistant Secretary for Enforcement Ronald K. Noble has conducted a comprehensive review of the adequacy of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms' ("ATF's") procedures, policies, and practices, and whether they were followed during ATF's investigation of Vernon Howell, a/k/a "David Koresh," and his followers. As promised, the Review left no stone unturned in finding out what happened and why.

The Review's final report recounts the events that culminated in the unsuccessful raid of the Branch Davidian Compound and analyzes why the raid ended in the deaths of four courageous ATF special agents, Conway LeBleu, Todd W. McKeehan, Robert J. Williams, and Steven D. Willis.

I know well that no inquiry can bring back any of the lives that were lost near Waco. It is my fervent hope, however, that this review and the changes it will precipitate will prevent the recurrence of such a tragedy in the future.

Sincerely, [signed] Lloyd Bentsen


In Memory of Conway C. LeBleu December 23, 1962 - February 28, 1993

Todd W. McKeehan October 19, 1964 - February 28, 1993

Robert J. Williams March 1, 1966 - February 28, 1993

Steven D. Willis December 18, 1960 - February 28, 1993


The Department of the Treasury
Lloyd Bentsen, Secretary

The Waco Administrative Review Team

Ronald K. Noble, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Enforcement

Independent Reviewers

Edwin O. Guthman
Henry S. Ruth, Jr.
Willie L. Williams

Review Team
Lewis C. Merletti, Assistant Project Director
H. Geoffrey Moulton, Jr., Project Director
David L. Douglass, Assistant Project Director
Kenneth P. Thompson, Special Assistant
Daniel C. Richman, Editor
Andrew E. Tomback, Special Assistant

United States Secret Service
Robert B. Blossman, Special Agent
Colleen B. Callahan, Special Agent
Rafael A. Gonzales, Special Agent
Paul D. Irving, Special Agent
Frederick R. Klare, Special Agent
Joseph A. Masonis, Special Agent
Lewis H. McClam, Special Agent
Dick M. Suekawa, Special Agent
Jennell L. Jenkins, Lead Document, Control Assistant

United States Customs Service
Robert L. Cockrell, Special Agent
John J. Devaney, Special Agent
Robert M. Gattison, Special Agent
Susan G. Rowley, Special Agent
Thomas R. Smith, Special Agent
Robert K. Tevens, Special Agent
Ina W. E. Boston, Intelligence Research Specialist
Mary Steinbacher, Correspondence Analyst
Vanessa L. Bolden, Secretary

Internal Revenue Service
Mary C. Balberchak, Special Agent
Kenneth L. Buck, Special Agent
James Rice, Special Investigator

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
John H. Battle, Instructor/Training Specialist

Office of The General Counsel
Billy S. Bradley
Sarah Elizabeth Jones