Report of the Department of the Treasury on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Investigation of Vernon Wayne Howell Also Known as David Koresh September 1993/Table of Figures

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Figure One: - Map depicting location of Compound and Mag Bag.
Figure Two - Photograph of buried school bus used as firing range and bunker.
Figure Three - Photograph of David Koresh and other Branch Davidians before Roden shoot-out.
Figure Four - Photograph of Ammunition seized from Koresh after Roden shoot out.
Figure Five - Photograph of Mag Bag taken after execution of search warrant.
Figure Six - Photograph of AK-47 assault rifle.
Figure Seven - Photograph of M-16 assault rifle.
Figure Eight - Photograph of.50-caliber rifle.
Figure Nine - Photograph of typical "pineapple" type grenades.
Figure Ten - Illustration depicting undercover house, Compound, and hay barn.
Figure Eleven - Photograph of main Compound Building (front side.)
Figure Twelve - Photograph of rear of Compound.
Figure Thirteen - Photograph of Mt. Carmel houses before construction of Compound.
Figure Fourteen - Photograph of Mt. Carmel after construction of Compound before demolition of - houses.
Figure Fifteen - Diagram of Compound's first level.
Figure Sixteen - Diagram of Compound's second level.
Figure Seventeen - Diagram of Compound's third and fourth levels.
Figure Eighteen - Photograph of Compound designating pit.
Figure Nineteen - Photograph of undercover house.
Figure Twenty - Aerial photograph of command post at TSTC.
Figure Twenty-One - Aerial photograph of Bellmead Civic Center, (staging area).
Figure Twenty-Two - Side view of cattle trailer.
Figure Twenty-Three - Rear view of cattle trailer.
Figure Twenty-Four - Photograph indicating planned deployment for SRTs.
Figure Twenty-Five - Diagram of communications network used for the raid.
Figure Twenty-Six - Organizational chart of national response plan.
Figure Twenty-Seven - Map depicting staging area, Mag Bag, Compound and road blocks.
Figure Twenty-Eight - Map depicting location of media vehicles.
Figure Twenty-Nine - Photograph of Kalashnikov rifle taken after April 19, 1993.
Figure Thirty - Photograph of load-bearing ammunition vests, magazines, and military helmet taken after April 19, 1993.
Figure Thirty-One - Photograph of Compound taken after February 28, 1993.
Figure Thirty-Two - Photograph of Compound designating location of wounded agent Kenny King.
Figure Thirty-Three - Gunshot related deaths and injuries sustained by ATF on February 28, 1993.
Figure Thirty-Four - Non-gunshot related injuries sustained by ATF on February 28, 1993.
Figure Thirty-Five - Deaths and injuries sustained by cult members on February 28, 1993.
Figure Thirty-Six - Photograph of "pineapple" type grenade casings.
Figure Thirty-Seven - Photograph of arms bunker with arsenal of assorted weapons.
Figure Thirty-Eight - Photograph of remains of assault rifle.
Figure Thirty-Nine - Photograph of remains of assault rifle.
Figure Forty - Diagram depicting Rodriguez's undercover contacts with the Compound.