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Bibliographies concerning the individual playwrights are given in the introductions, and except in cases of books of a general nature, the items are not repeated here.


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Note to Revised Edition.

Since the publication of the first edition, the most important works treating the American Drama and Stage have been as follows:

Baker, Louis C., The German Drama in English on the New York Stage to 1830, Philadelphia, 1917. (University of Pennsylvania Thesis.)
Belasco, David, The Theatre Through Its Stage Door, edited by L. V. Defoe, New York, 1919.
Brede, Charles F., The German Drama in English on the Philadelphia Stage From 1794 to 1830. 1918. (University of Pennsylvania Thesis.)
Coad, Oral S., William Dunlap, a Study of His Life and Works and of His Place in Contemporary Culture, Publications of the Dunlap Society, New York, 1917. (Columbia University Thesis.)
Daly, Joseph Francis, The Life of Augustin Daly, New York, 1917.
Hornblow, Arthur, History of the Theatre in America From Its Beginnings to the Present Time, 2 v. Philadelphia, 1919.
McCullough, Bruce W., The Life and Writings of Richard Penn Smith, With a Reprint of His Play, "The Deformed," 1830. Menasha, Wisconsin, 1917. (University of Pennsylvania Thesis.)
Reed, Perley I., The Realistic Presentation of American Characters in Native American Plays Prior to Eighteen Seventy. Columbus, Ohio, 1918. (Ohio State University Thesis.)
Towse, John R., Sixty Years of the Theater. New York, 1916.
Winter, William, The Life of David Belasco, 2 v. New York, 1918.

Among the Most Significant Articles Are:

Coad, Oral S., "The First American Play," Nation, Vol. 107, No. 2772,; August 17, 1918.
Coad, Oral S., "The American Theatre in the Eighteenth Century," South Atlantic Quarterly, Vol. XVII, No. 3, pp. 190-7. July, 1918.
Henderson, Archibald, "The American Drama, A Survey," Sewanee Review, Vol. 26, pp. 228-40, April, 1918
Quinn, Arthur Hobson, "The Early Drama, 1756-1860," in the Cambridge History of American Literature, Vol, I, pp. 215-232, N. Y., 1917.

Two Collections Have Been Published:

Mayorga, Margaret Gardner, Representative One-Act Plays By American Authors, Boston, 1919.
Moses, Montrose J., Representative Plays By American Dramatists, Vol. I, New York, 1918. (Ten plays.)