Robert E. Howard to Adventure, Aug 20, 1924

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1. At what period did the feudal system flourish most highly in central Europe?

2. What were the rights of the feudal lord or baron?

3. Did not a privilege known as maiden rights exist under feudal rule?

4. I have heard that until 1889 or 1890 there was in Germany a law which permitted a man to whip his wife. Is this true? If so, were there any limitations to his authority?

5. What are some of the marriage customs of Poland, Germany and Austria?

6. I understand that public whipping was one of the punishments by law formerly in use in the countries of central Europe. In what manner was this done? Were women ever whipped?

7. About what is the population of Czecho-Slovakia?

If this letter should be published in Adventure, please do not publish my name.

R. E. H.

Cross Plains, Tex.

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