Robert E. Howard to Adventure, Mar 20, 1924

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I am writing for information in regard to the tribes of Mongolia.

1. What is the Mongol word for "wolf"? For "tiger"? For "sword"?

2. Is the language used by the Mongols similar to that of the Tartars?

3. Do the Kirghiz inhabit Mongolia or Chinese Turkestan?

4. Are there any Baskir tribes in Chinese Turkestan, and are they allied to the Turkomans?

5. Am I right in supposing that swords or simitars still form an important part of a Mongol or Tartar warrior's armament?

6. Do the Mongol or Tartar tribes worship Erlik, Bon or Buddha? Or all three?

7. Is it still customary for the tribes to meet at some place an engage in wrestling, horse-racing and other contests?

8. Is polygamy practiced?

9. What are the different forms of punishment by law and tribal custom?

10. What are the powers of the khan of a tribe?

11. About what is the population of Mongolia?

Robert E. Howard

Cross Plains, Tex.

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