Translation:Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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Table of contents[edit]

  1. Chapter 1: Three brave men swear an oath of allegiance at the feast in the peach gardens; our heroes' first achievement is the vanquishing of the Yellow Turbans.
  2. Chapter 2: Zhang Yide gets angry and whips the County Inspector; Royal uncle He plots the murder of the wretched eunuchs.
  3. Chapter 3: How Dong Zhuo rebukes Ding Yuan in the Garden of Warmth and Brightness; Li Su wins over Lü Bu with offerings of gold and pearls.
  4. Chapter 4: Deposing the Han emperor: Chenliu becomes emperor; plotting against the villain Dong Mengde presents a dagger.
  5. Chapter 5: A forged imperial edict is issued: all towns respond to Lord Cao; breaking through the soldiers at the pass: three heroes battle Lü Bu.
  6. Chapter 6: Burning down the imperial palace, Dong Zhuo commits murder; hiding the imperial jade seal, Sun Jian violates his oath.
  7. Chapter 7: Yuan Shao fights with Gongsun at the Pan River; Sun Jian crosses a different river and attacks Liu Biao.
  8. Chapter 8: Minister over the Masses Wang skillfully employs the concept of interlinked stratagems; Senior Grand Tutor Dong blows his stack at Fengyi Pavilion.
  9. Chapter 9: Getting rid of the tyrant, Lü Bu helps the Minister over the Masses; attacking Chang'an, Li Jue listens to Jia Xu.
  10. Chapter 10: Ma Teng stages an uprising on behalf of the royal household; Cao Cao sends an army to avenge the death of his father.
  11. Chapter 11: Royal uncle Liu rescues Kong Rong at Beihai; Marquis of Wen Lü defeats Cao Cao at Puyang.
  12. Chapter 12: Tao Gongzu tries three times to cede control of Xuzhou; Cao Mengde engages in a major battle with Lü Bu.
  13. Chapter 13: Li Jue and Guo Si take up arms against each other; Yang Feng and Dong Cheng work together to rescue the emperor.
  14. Chapter 14: Cao Mengde has the emperor moved to the capital at Xu; Lü Fengxian launches a nighttime attack against Xu Commandery.
  15. Chapter 15: Taishi Ci engages in a fierce battle with the Little Conqueror; Sun Bofu battles White Tiger Yan.