Rosenberg v. United States (345 U.S. 989)

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Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

345 U.S. 989

Rosenberg  v.  United States

Messrs. Emanuel H. Bloch and John F. Finerty, for petitioners.

Acting Solicitor General Stern, for the United States.

An application for stay of execution was filed herein on June 12, 1953. It was referred to Mr. Justice JACKSON, the appropriate Circuit Justice. Mr. Justice JACKSON referred it to the Court for consideration and action, with the recommendation 'that it be set for oral hearing on Monday, June 15, 1953, at which time the parties have agreed to be ready for argument.'

Upon consideration of the recommendation, the Court declined to hear oral argument on the application.

Mr. Justice FRANKFURTER and Mr. Justice BURTON, agreeing with Mr. Justice JACKSON'S recommendation, believe that the application should be set for hearing on Monday, June 15, 1953.

Thereupon, the Court gave consideration to the application for the stay, and denies it, Mr. Justice BURTON joining in such denial.

Mr. Justice FRANKFURTER and Mr. Justice JACKSON, believing that the application for a stay should not be acted upon without a hearing before the full Court, do not agree that the stay should be denied.


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