Royal Crown

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Royal Crown
by Solomon ibn Gabirol

Translation of an excerpt from the original, found in Israel Abrahams, Chapters on Jewish Literature, 1899.

My God, I know that those who plead
To you for grace and mercy need
All their good works should go before,
And wait for them at heaven's high door.
But I have no good deeds to bring,
No righteousness for offering,
No service for my Lord and King.

Yet do not hide your face from me,
Nor cast me out far from you;
But when you command my life to cease,
O, may you lead me forth in peace
To the world to come, to dwell
Among your pious ones, who tell
Your inexhaustible glories.

There let my portion be with those
Who arose in eternal life;
There to purify my heart right,
In your light to see the light.
Raise me from the deepest depths to share
Heaven's endless joys of praise and prayer,
That I may evermore declare:

Though you were angered, Lord, I will give thanks to you,
For now your wrath is past, and you do comfort me.