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[Post-Captain of 1798.]

This officer is a son of Mr. Cumberland the celebrated dramatist, a memoir of whom will be found in the first volume of a work entitled “Public Characters.” He was made a Lieutenant in 1790; commanded the Fly sloop of war in 1797; and obtained the rank of Post-Captain Nov. 8, 1798. During the late war he commanded la Pique frigate, the Leyden and Stately 64’s, and Saturn, a third rate. La Pique, in company with the Pelican sloop of war, took possession of le Goelan, a French brig of 18 guns, and an armed cutter, at, the evacuation of Aux Cayes, St. Domingo, in Oct. 1803; the Leyden formed part of Admiral Gambier’s fleet at the capture of the Danish navy in 1807Towards the latter end of the war, we find him regulating the impress service at Cowes, in the Isle of Wight.

Captain Cumberland married, in 1800, a daughter of the late Charles Pym Hurt, Esq., of Albemarle Street, London.

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