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Late a Commissioner of the Navy Board.
[Superannuated Rear-Admiral.]

This officer was a Lieutenant in 1789; commanded the Savage sloop of war, in 1791; the Moselle, in 1794; and obtained post rank March 27, 1795. In the following year we find him commanding the Narcissus of 20 guns, on the coast of America; from whence he proceeded to the West Indies, where his ship was wrecked, but fortunately her crew escaped. His next appointment was to la Nymphe, in which frigate he captured la Modeste, a French letter of marque, laden with East India produce, and several other vessels. After commanding la Nymphe about four years, he removed into the Narcissus of 36 guns, and continued in that ship during the remainder of the war. We subsequently find him in the Vanguard 74.

In 1808, Captain Fraser was appointed resident Commissioner of the Dock-yard at Malta; from whence he removed to Gibraltar, about the summer of 1811. Towards the latter end of 1813, he obtained a seat at the Navy Board, from which he retired with the superannuation of a Rear-Admiral, June 12, 1823. He married, Sept. 26, 1797, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John, 5th Vise. Torrington, and sister of the present peer.

Agents.– Messrs. Maude.