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Passed his examination, at Plymouth, about May 1814; obtained his first commission on 25th Oct. 1816; and was appointed to the command of the Thistle gun-brig, fitting out for the African station. May 20th, 1819. With only the means which the command of this small vessel gave him, he captured and released from slavery upwards of four thousand persons. Previous to his departure from the coast, the Members of Council and Foreign Judges at Sierra Leone, addressed a letter of thanks to him for his unwearied exertions and gallant conduct in that quarter; and accompanied it with a piece of plate, as a token of their esteem. The merchants, traders, and inhabitants of the colony, manifested their regard by presenting him with a similar address, and a sword value 100 guineas. He returned home, paid off the Thistle, and was promoted to the rank of commander in May 1823. This officer is now employed in the Irish coast guard service.