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Admiral of the Red.

This officer obtained Post rank May 18, 1779, and commanded the Apollo frigate, at the close of the American war. In 1793, he was appointed to the Canada of 74 guns. On the 6th Nov., in the following year, that ship, in company with the Alexander, of the same force, commanded by the late Sir Richard Rodney Bligh, having escorted the Lisbon and Mediterranean convoys to a certain distance, and being on their return to port, fell in with a French squadron under Rear-Admiral Neuilly. By the superior sailing of the Canada, Captain Hamilton, after sustaining a running fight with two ships of the line and a frigate, was enabled to effect his escape; but the Alexander had the misfortune to be captured, after a most gallant defence of three hours duration, against thrice her own force[1].

Some time after the above event, Captain Hamilton removed into the Prince, of 98 guns, and was attached to Lord Bridport’s fleet, when that nobleman took two French line-of-battle ships, and recaptured the Alexander, off l’Orient, June 23, 1795[2]. On this occasion, however, the Prince was not fortunate enough to get into action.

Our officer was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral, Feb. 20, 1797; Vice-Admiral, Jan. 1, 1801; and full Admiral, April 28, 1808.

His son married, in March, 1805, to a daughter of the late Judge Hyde.

Residence.– Fir-Hill, Hants.