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Son of a deceased naval lieutenant, and brother to Commander John Arthur Morrell.

This officer passed his examination about April 1808; obtained his first commission on the 28th July 1809; served for some time on board the Ocean 98, Captain Robert Plampin; and for upwards of four years, as first lieutenant of the Termagant 20, successively commanded by the late Captains John Lampen Manley and Charles Shaw, on the Mediterranean and East India stations. In that ship he was present at the capture of Genoa, in April 1814. His next appointment was, in Jan. 1818, to the Dorothea hired ship, Captain David Buchan, fitting out for the discovery of a northern communication between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The result of that enterprise will be seen by reference to Vol. III. Part I. pp. 86–89. He subsequently served as first lieutenant of the Revolutionnaire frigate. Captain the Hon. Fleetwood B. R. Pellew, on the Mediterranean station, from whence he returned home in June 1822. His commission as commander bears date April 18th, 1823. He married, Feb. 6th, 1820, a daughter of Mr. William Reid, first pay clerk for wages at Devonport dockyard.