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[Post-Captain of 1816.]

Son of the late Right Hon. Lord William Murray, and nephew to the present Duke of Athol. Was made lieutenant, Sept. 25, 1809; and subsequently appointed to the Unicorn 32, the surgeon of which frigate was sentenced, by a court-martial, to imprisonment in the Marshalsea, for assaulting him at the officers’ mess table. He afterwards joined the America 74, Captain Josias Rowley; and was promoted to the rank of commander, Dec. 6, 1813. His subsequent appointments were. May 14, 1816, to the Griffin brig; Nov. 16 following, as post-captain, to the Spey, of 20 guns, on the St. Helena station; and, Aug. 14, 1824, to the Athol 28, in which ship he returned home, after a three years’ service on the coast of Africa, in the East Indies, and in the Persian Gulph, Sept. 30, 1827.

In March 1818, Captain Murray was tried by a court-martial, at the instance of Rear-Admiral Plampin, for neglecting to supply the island of Ascension, and H.M. late sloop Julia[1], with necessary stores. The charges against him were not proved, and he was consequently acquitted. He married, in Dec. 1821, Harriett, youngest daughter of the late William Coupland, of St. Mary’s, Shrewsbury, Esq.

Agent.– J. P. Muspratt, Esq.