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Sixth and youngest son of the late Rear-Admiral William Truscott, whose services are detailed in the Naval Chronicle, vol. xxx, p. 177 et seq.

This officer was made a lieutenant on the 28th Feb. 1805; promoted to his present rank, Mar. 21st, 1812; and appointed to the command of the Havock sloop, on the North Sea station, Dec. 6th, 1813. In 1811, whilst serving as first lieutenant of the Dryad frigate. Captain Edward Galwey, he invented the “Force Pump,” by which fresh water is now obtained from the hold without disturbing its stowage. Previous to the introduction of this machine, the main-deck of a man-of-war, in consequence of the practice then resorted to of getting at her daily supply, bore a greater resemblance (pending the operation) to a wholesale cooperage than a battery, from the number of empty casks with which it was unavoidably lumbered. This frequently created the greatest confusion, by impeding the performance of important evolutions; such as making sail in chase, or clearing ship for action.

Commander George Truscott married, Nov. 29th, 1820, the only daughter of the late Michael Stritch, of Exeter, Esq.