Rules of Barnes Football Club (1862)

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Rules of Barnes Football Club  (1862) 
by Barnes Football Club

Rules of Barnes Football Club (1862)

1. That the Club shall be called the "Barnes Foot-Ball Club."

2. That it consist of members who pay an Annual Subscription of 1s.

3. That the officers of the club be a Captain, a Secretary and Treasurer, and Committee who shall, including the before-mentioned officers (who shall be ex-officio committee men) be seven in number, and be elected by a majority of the members present at the first meeting in each sason.

4. That the committee have the entire management of the club — three to form a quorum.

5. That new members be admitted on the introduction of two members, subject to the approval of the committee.

6. That members' friends, and any residents in the parish of Barnes, be permitted to take part in the game, unless forbidden by the captain.

7. That Barnes Green be the place for play.

8. That the season shall commence on the first Saturday in October and terminate on the first Saturday in April.

9. The balls and other property of the club shall be kept at the "White Hart" and any four members may at any time, have the use of them, subject to the rules of the club.

10. Any member wilfully infringing any rule shall pay a fine of ONE SHILLING.

11. All matters of difference shall be decided by the captain, with an appeal to the Committee, whose decision shall be final in all things.

Rules of the Game[edit]

1. At the commencement of the game, the ball shall be kicked from the ground, in the centre, and no player on the opposite side shall approach within 10 yards of the ball, until it shall have been kicked off.

2. After a goal, the losing side shall be entitled to the kick-off and change goals.

3. If the ball is kicked out of the ground (to be fixed before commencing the game) it is dead, and the first player who can pick it up shall bring it to the point where it left the ground, and be entitled to kick it as he thinks fit.

4. No player shall run with the ball in his hand, on the ground.

5. No player shall kick or touch the ball when he is out of play. A player is out of play when he gets between the ball and his adversaries' goal but he is in play again — first, as soon as he places himself between his own goal and the ball — second, one of his own side has kicked the ball between him and his adversaries' goal — or third, one of his adversaries has kicked or touched the ball.

6. Players shall not loiter between the ball and their adversaries' goal.

7. No player shall, under any pretext, take hold of his adversary.

8. Hacking shall not be allowed.

9. No player shall take the ball off the ground with his hands while it is in play.

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