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Robert Lowe in Sydney, p. 1-29
Arrival in Sydney, 1842, 3
Representative principle introduced in Sydney Council, 1842, 3
Sir George Gipps' new Council, 3
Dr. Lang on the first Australian Parliament, 4
Robert Lowe nominated M.L.C. by the Governor, 5
Wentworth and Lang, 5
Motion for separating Port Phillip from New South Wales, 5
Lowe's speech in favour of the motion, 8
Resignation, 8
The Atlas: a weekly Journal, 1843-45, 9
Its Contributors, 9
Opposition to the Governor and "Downing Street," 9-13
Lord Sherbrooke's retrospect, 10
Softened feelings towards Sir Geo. Gipps, 10
Lowe's "rounded creed," 11
Poems of a Life, 11
Lowe on the relations of Britain and her Colonies, 13, 14
The utterly unknown and doubly irresponsible Clerk, 13
Lowe's Remedies—Local Self-Government and Representation in the British Parliament, 13
Unwieldiness of a Common Parliament at Westminster, 14
"Council of the Empire," 15
Bismarck on the Council of the Confederation of the German States, 15, 16
Colonial orators and Imperial councils, 16, 17
Robert Lowe on the Tractarian movement, Newman, Pusey, and Keble, 17, 18
The dominant Australasian Bishops, 18
Lowe's admiration of Dr. Arnold of Rugby, 17, 18
Sir James Martin's Creed, 18, 19
Lowe's theology and the Sydney Morning Herald, 20-23
Lowe on National Unsectarian Education, 23-26
Sir Richard Bourke—a retrospect—ablest of Australian Governors, 24, 25
Sir Richard as a Re-former, 24
Dr. Ullathorne supports Sir Richard Bourke's Education Scheme, 24, 25
Arouses Dr. Lang's bigotry, 25
Lang wrecks Sir Richard's measure, 25
Lowe converts Dr. Lang, 25
Lang's repentance—estimate of him as a public man, 26
Lowe's Colonial patriotism—a foremost Australian leader, 28
Elected member for Sydney in the Legislative Council, 1850, 28
Eight well-spent years under the "Southern Cross," 28
Returns to England in 1851, 29