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Hop Frames


This invention relates to a device for lowering the vines and bringing them within reach, for the facility of gathering the hops, and then for elevating them again to their original position, keeping the horizontal cords or wires, upon which the vines are entwined, under tension all the time. This invention consists in attaching to the posts a vertical strip with a small grooved pulley in its top over which passes a cord, which is attached to a sliding box for elevating and depressing this box, and to this sliding box is connected a yoke provided with a hook which hooks into an eye or loop on the end of the wires forming the frame upon which wires the vines are twined; the object being to tighten up these wires, and to keep them under tension while raising and lowering them. L. A. Beardsley, of Edmeston, N. Y., is the patentee. —