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Scientific European

A popular-science magazine, published monthly from the United Kingdom. It brings articles about new significant research and developments in science and technology to scientifically minded general readers and lay people worldwide in their own languages.

Publication history[edit]

  • Scientific European was first published as a periodical in 1990 from Heidelberg, Germany by Spektrum-der-Wiss.-Verl.-Ges to which ‘Scientific American’ (ISSN 0036-8733) was a related title. After 1990, the usage of the title ‘Scientific European’ discontinued but the publication continued in the name of Spektrum.
  • In 2005, Scientific European appeared as a science blog. It started in May 2005 which discontinued after month of August in the same year.
  • Publication of Scientific European as a serial in print and online format began in 2017 from United Kingdom. The first issue, as a monthly popular science magazine appeared in January 2018. Since then, the publication is continuing.
  • Scientific European is not related to Scientific American Monthly.


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