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AFTER PAINS: Salophen in fifteen grain doses. If necessary take another dose in two hours. Should the pains reappear the next day, repeat the dosage.

AMENORRHEA: Tincture chloride of iron, three drams; tincture cantharides, one dram; tincture guaiac ammon., one-half dram; tincture aloe, one-half ounce; syrup enough to make six ounces. Dose: Tablespoonful after meals.

CANCER OF THE WOMB: Make a solution and use in douches: Picric acid, two one-half dram; water one and one-half pint; the patient must lie flat on back while fluid runs up into the vagina, hips must be raised; retain the fluid as long as possible. Later on make a cotton tampon, saturated with chloral hydrate, one-half dram; cocaine hydrochloride, one and one-half grain; dissolve in five drams of water. Use injection and tampon morning and night.

DYSMENORRHEA: Asafoetida, forty grains; ext. Valerian, twenty grains; ext. Cannabis Indica, five grains; make twenty pills. Dose: One pill after meals. Use the following ointment for the pain in the back: Ext. Hyoscyamus, thirty grains; ext. Belladonna, thirty grains; Adipis, one ounce. Apply locally night and morning.

EMMENAGOGUE: Ergotin, twenty grains; ext. cotton root bark, twenty grains; Purified Aloes, twenty grains; Dried Ferrous sulphate, twenty grains; ext. Savine, ten grains. Make twenty pills. Dose: One pill four times a day.

ENDOMETRITIS: Ext. Viburnum Prun, forty grains; ext. Hamamelis, twenty grains; Ergotin, ten grains; ext. Nux Vomica, two grains; Hydrastin, one grain. Make twenty pills. Dose: One pill morning and night.

FIBROID TUMORS: Chromium Sulphate, four-grain tablets. Dose: One tablet after meals.

FISSURE OF NIPPLES: Apply Iodoform, one dram; carbolic acid, twenty grains; white Petrolatum, one ounce. Apply at night; requires thorough washing next morning.

HELONIAS COMPOSITION: Helonias, fifteen grains; Squaw wine, sixty grains; Viburnum Opulus, fifteen grains; Caulophyllum, fifteen grains; syrup, two ounces. Dose: Teaspoonful every two hours.

LEUCORRHOEA: Ext. Hyoscyamus, one dram; ext. Hamamelis, one dram; tannic acid, one dram; ext. Helonias, one-half dram; Salicylic acid, one dram; Alum, three drams; boric acid, five drams. Dissolve flat teaspoonful in half cup of water, soak a cotton tampon and place way up in the vagina. As a tonic take: Tincture Cinchona comp., two ounces; tincture gentian comp., two ounces. Dose: Dessertspoonful after meals.

MENOPAUSE: Ammonium bromide, two drams; Potassium bromide, four drams; aromatii spirits amoniae, six drams; camphor water enough to make six ounces. Dose: One dessertspoonful, three times a day.

MENORRHAGIA: Gallic acid, fifty grains; Ergotin, twenty grains; Hydrastin, ten grains. Make twenty pills. Dose: One pill after meals. Another prescription: Calcium chloride, two and one-half drams; syrup, fifteen drams; water, six ounces. Dose: One tablespoonful morning and night.

MENSTRUAL IRREGULARITIES: Extracts of cramp bark, forty grains; blue cohosh, ten grains; Squaw wine, forty grains; pokeberry, twenty grains; strychnine, one grain. Make forty pills. Dose: One pill four times a day until relieved.

MENSTRUATION, PROFUSE: Extracts of white ash bark, two drams; black haw, two drams; cramp bark, two drams; unicorn root, one dram; Squaw wine, one dram; blue cohosh, one dram. Steep 24 hours in one-half pint of water, add one-half pint of alcohol. Dose: Tablespoonful three times a day.

NEURALGIA OF WOMB: Fl. ext. henbane, two drams; Fl. ext. Indian hemp, one dram; Fl. ext. snake root, four drams; spirits of camphor, two drams; compound spirits of ether, three ounces. Dose: One teaspoonful in water three times a day. Medicated hot sitz bath.

OVARIAN CONGESTION: Black haw, sixty grains; Golden seal, sixty grains; Jamaica dogwood, thirty grains; syrup and water, four ounces. Dose: One teaspoonful three or four times a day.

OVARIAN SEDATIVE: Lupulin, ten grains; ergotin, five grains; scutellarin, ten grains; zinc bromide, two grains. Make twenty pills. Dose: One pill after meals.

VAGINISMUS: Strontium bromide, two drams; potassium bromide, two drams; ammonium bromide, two drams; water to make ten ounces. Dose: Tablespoonful morning and night. Make a suppository and insert night: Cocaine hydrochlorate, two grains; ext. Belladonna, one and one-half grains; Strontium bromide, four grains; Oil Theobromat, two drams. Use every night one such suppository, placed high up in the vagina until all signs of the difficulty are gone.

VAGINITIS: Resorcine, forty grains; Salicylic acid, eight grains; Betanaphtholis, one grain; add enough water to make it eight ounces. Dose: Add to this mixture one tablespoonful to a quart of warm water and douche vagina in above stated manner. Use also suppository as in Vaginismus.

VULVA ITCHING: Apply externally morning and night the following salve: Boric acid, thirty grains; Oxide of zinc, sixty grains. Powdered starch, sixty grains; Petrolatum, one ounce. Apply on cotton and to affected parts.

ULCERATIONS OF VAGINA OR WOMB: Insert a suppository each one made of Boric acid, five grains; Powdered alum, five grains. Or the following composition; Black haw, two grains; golden seal, two grains; add enough cocoa butter to make one suppository. Insert and keep in over night after a hot medicated vaginal douche is taken.

UTERINE ASTRINGENT: Alum, three drams; zinc sulphate, two drams; morphine sulphate, one grain; tannic acid, two drams; Boric acid, six drams. Mix and use of it one tablespoonful dissolved in pint of warm water. Inject slowly into vagina in recumbent position, retain the douche fluid as long as possible. Later on insert when retiring a vaginal suppository.

UTERINE HEMORRHAGES: Take Stypticin tablets according to printed direction on the package.

UTERINE TONIC: Helonin, three grains; Caulophyllin, three grains; Macrotin, three grains; Hyoscyamine, three grains. Make twenty pills. Dose: One pill after meals.

UTERINE TONIC AND STIMULANT: Take Elixir of Helonias, which can be bought in drug stores, or get the following tinctures and make it at home: Partridge berry, ninety-six grains; unicorn root, forty-eight grains; Blue cohosh, forty-eight grains; cramp bark, forty-eight grains. Steep these for 24 hours in one-half pint of water, add one-half pint of alcohol, then strain and bottle. Dose: One teaspoonful three times a day.

WHITES: Dried alum, one-half ounce; Borax, two ounces; boric acid, four ounces; Thymol, ten grains; Eucalyptol, ten grains; Oil of peppermint, two drams. Dissolve, one teaspoonful of the mixture in a pint of hot water and use as a douche morning and night.

WOMB SPASMS: Cramp bark, one ounce; skullcap, one ounce; skunk cabbage, four drams. Steep 24 hours in one-half pint of water, add one-half pint of alcohol. Dose: One tablespoonful three times a day.