Searchlights on Health/The Generative Organs

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1. The reproductive organs in man are the penis and testicles and their appendages.

2. The penis deposits the seminal life germ of the male. It is designed to fulfill the seed planting mission of human life.

3. In the accompanying illustration all the parts are named.

4. URETHRA.—The urethra performs the important mission of emptying the bladder, and is rendered very much larger by the passion, and the semen is propelled along through it by little layers of muscles on each side meeting above and below. It is this canal that is inflamed by the disease known as gonorrhoea.

5. PROSTATE GLAND.—The prostate gland is located just before the bladder. It swells in men who have previously overtaxed it, thus preventing all sexual intercourse, and becomes very troublesome to void urine. This is a very common trouble in old age.

6. THE PENAL GLAND.—The penal gland, located at the end of the penis, becomes unduly enlarged by excessive action and has the consistency of India rubber. It is always enlarged by erection. It is this gland at the end that draws the semen forward. It is one of the most essential and wonderful constructed glands of the human body.

7. FEMALE MAGNETISM.—When the male organ comes in contact with female magnetism, the natural and proper excitement takes place. When excited without this female magnetism it becomes one of the most serious injuries to the human body. The male organ was made for a high and holy purpose, and woe be to him who pollutes his manhood by practicing the secret vice. He pays the penalty in after years either by the entire loss of sexual power, or by the afflictions of various urinary diseases.

8. NATURE PAYS all her debts, and when there is an abuse of organ, penalties must follow. If the hand is thrust into the fire it will be burnt.